15 EdTech Startups in Brooklyn That Are Revolutionizing Education

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Brooklyn is quickly becoming a hub for innovation in the EdTech industry. With its strong startup culture, Brooklyn is home to a diverse range of companies transforming the way we approach education. From next-generation curriculum and formative assessments to interactive screenless smart toys, these 15 EdTech startups are making waves in the industry.

Amplify Education: Next-Generation Curriculum and Formative Assessment

Amplify Education provides next-generation curriculum and formative assessments that help teachers and students succeed. With a focus on personalized learning, Amplify’s platform enables teachers to adjust instruction in real-time and provide targeted support to each student.

Flocabulary: Engaging Students with Educational Hip-Hop

Flocabulary is a web-based learning program that uses educational hip-hop to engage students and increase achievement. The platform offers a range of subjects for K-12 students, providing a fun and unique approach to learning.

Ribbon Education: Teacher-Student Relationship Management Platform

Ribbon Education is a teacher-student relationship management platform designed to improve communication and collaboration between teachers, students, and parents. The platform offers tools for lesson planning, student performance tracking, and parent engagement.

Teknikio: Designing STEM Kits and Custom Electronic Modules

Teknikio designs STEM kits and custom electronic modules that help educators bring hands-on learning experiences to their classrooms. With a focus on creativity and collaboration, Teknikio’s kits enable students to explore science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun and engaging way.

Copper Wire Ventures: Early-Stage Capital for Women-Led Tech Companies

Copper Wire Ventures provides early-stage capital for women-led tech companies, including those in the EdTech industry. With a focus on increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, Copper Wire Ventures is helping to support the growth of innovative startups.

Kialo: Powerful Tool for Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

Kialo is a simple yet powerful tool for critical thinking, serious discussion, and decision-making. With its unique interface, Kialo enables users to break down complex issues into manageable parts and collaborate with others to find solutions.

Ditto: PR Startup for Tech, Finance, Healthcare, and Professional Services

Ditto is a PR startup that helps companies in the EdTech industry, as well as other industries such as tech, finance, healthcare, and professional services, to increase their visibility and reach. The company offers a range of services, including media relations, content creation, and social media management.

Drop.io: Private Exchange Points for File Sharing and Collaboration

Drop.io was a platform enabling users to create simple private exchange points called drops, which could be used for file sharing, collaboration, and communication. Although the platform is no longer active, its impact on the EdTech industry is still being felt.

Gura: Advisory Board in Your Back Pocket

Gura is an advisory board in your back pocket, providing personalized coaching and mentoring to help individuals achieve their goals. With a focus on the EdTech industry, Gura is helping to support the growth of innovative startups and entrepreneurs.

Shimmy Technologies: Upskilling and Reskilling Manufacturing Workers

Shimmy Technologies is an industrial EdTech company on a mission to upskill and reskill manufacturing workers. With its unique approach to training and development, Shimmy Technologies is helping to transform the manufacturing industry.

Kiri: Screenless Smart Toy for Learning Language, STEM, and More

Kiri is a screenless smart toy that helps children of all abilities learn language, STEM, and an expanding library of subjects. With its engaging and interactive design, Kiri is helping to revolutionize the way we approach early childhood education.

Riot New Media Group: Community Sites for Books and Comics Fandoms

Riot New Media Group offers community sites for books and comics fandoms, including BookRiot.com and Panels.net. With a focus on creating engaging and inclusive communities, Riot New Media Group is helping to connect readers and fans from all over the world.

InnovateEDU: Non-Profit Educational Organization

InnovateEDU is a Brooklyn-based non-profit educational organization focused on transforming education through innovation. The organization offers a range of programs and initiatives, including the Brooklyn Learning Center and the Virtual Learning Lab, that aim to improve access to high-quality education for all students.

Beva: Leading Early Education Website in China

Beva is a leading early education website in China, offering a range of resources and tools for parents and educators. With a focus on personalized learning and development, Beva is helping to transform early childhood education in China and beyond.

Backpack Interactive: Creative Strategy, UX, UI, and Design Company

Backpack Interactive is a creative strategy, UX, UI, and design company focused on the EdTech industry. With a passion for creating engaging and innovative products, Backpack Interactive is helping to shape the future of education.


These 15 EdTech startups in Brooklyn are just a few examples of the innovative companies transforming education today. With their unique approaches to teaching and learning, these companies are helping to make education more engaging, accessible, and effective for students of all ages and backgrounds. As the EdTech industry continues to grow and evolve, we can expect to see even more exciting developments and innovations from companies in Brooklyn and beyond.

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