15 Online Portal Startups in Brooklyn You Need to Know About

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Online portals have become an integral part of our daily lives, providing us with access to various services and information at our fingertips. In Brooklyn, New York, several startups have emerged with innovative online portals that cater to different industries, from health care to real estate. In this article, we showcase 15 of the most interesting online portal startups in Brooklyn.

Twentyeight Health: Revolutionizing Women’s Healthcare

Twentyeight Health is a women’s healthcare company that provides affordable and accessible birth control, vitamins, and medical treatments. Founded by Amy Fan and Bruno Van Tuykom, the company aims to address the healthcare disparities that women face, especially those in marginalized communities. With their telemedicine platform, Twentyeight Health connects women with licensed healthcare providers who can diagnose, prescribe medications, and offer medical advice remotely.

Bookshop: Supporting Local Bookstores

Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. Founded by Andy Hunter, the platform allows independent bookstores to create their online storefronts, giving them a wider audience and a share of the profits. Customers can browse through a vast collection of books and purchase them while supporting local businesses.

Change Machine: Building Financial Security

Change Machine is a financial technology company that builds financial security for low-income communities through people-powered technology. Founded by Mae Watson Grote, the platform provides personalized financial coaching and training to help individuals and families navigate the complex financial landscape. The platform also offers a suite of tools and resources for financial institutions and service providers to improve their offerings to low-income customers.

Carefully: Connecting Parents for Childcare

Carefully is a software application that helps parents build a network of other parents to share and exchange ideas for childcare and mental health. Founded by Jamie Dwyer and Leslie Borrell, the app enables parents to connect with others in their community, share experiences and advice, and find childcare providers that meet their needs.

3DAPARTMENT: Virtual Reality Apartment Hunting

3DAPARTMENT is a virtual reality-only apartment search platform that allows users to access thousands of homes and experience their virtual apartment hunting journey. Founded by Gregory Ardbelava, the platform provides an immersive experience for users, enabling them to view apartments in 3D, customize floor plans, and interact with other users.

ManageGo: Property Management Made Easy

ManageGo is a software platform for property managers that provides online payments and maintenance ticketing. Founded by Lazar Waldman and Naftali Klein, the platform streamlines property management tasks and enables landlords and tenants to communicate seamlessly. The platform also integrates with cryptocurrency and mobile payments, making rent payments more accessible and secure.

Tono: Convenient Telehealth Services

Tono is a subscription-based telehealth platform that provides convenient healthcare between patients and healthcare providers. The platform offers virtual consultations, prescription refills, and other health-related services. With Tono, patients can access medical care from the comfort of their homes, saving them time and money. The platform was founded by a team of healthcare professionals and technologists.

SupChina: Connecting Audiences to China

SupChina is a digital media platform that informs and connects audiences to the business, technology, culture, and society of China. Founded by Anla Cheng, the platform provides news, analysis, and commentary on China’s most important stories. SupChina also offers a suite of podcasts, newsletters, and events that provide insights into China’s dynamic and evolving landscape.

Okayplayer.com: Progressive Urban Music

Okayplayer is an online platform that offers information and content on original, progressive urban music. Founded by a collective of musicians and artists, the platform provides music news, reviews, and features that showcase emerging and established artists from diverse genres.

Course Report: Coding Bootcamp Reviews

Course Report provides all the details you need to choose the coding boot camp that’s right for you. Founded by Adam Lovallo and Liz Eggleston, the platform offers reviews, rankings, and interviews with alumni of coding boot camps. Course Report helps aspiring developers find the best coding programs and provides guidance on how to succeed in the tech industry.

GLOBALTRADE.NET: Content for International Trade Professionals

GLOBALTRADE.net provides content for international trade professionals, including market research, news, and analysis. The platform was founded to help businesses navigate the complex global trade landscape and identify new opportunities for growth. GLOBALTRADE.net also provides a trading platform for businesses to connect with buyers and suppliers around the world.

Brooklyn Museum: Art and Culture

The Brooklyn Museum is an art museum located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The museum’s online portal provides access to its extensive collection of art and artifacts, as well as information about upcoming exhibitions and events. The Brooklyn Museum’s online portal also offers educational resources for students and teachers.

Russkaya Reklama: Advertising and News Services

Russkaya Reklama is a news company that engages in immigration, online portals, and advertising services. The platform provides news and information for the Russian-speaking community in the United States, as well as advertising and marketing services for businesses targeting this audience.

Book Riot: Books, Podcasts, and More

Book Riot is an online media company that offers a podcast, newsletters, comics, audiobooks, articles, news, commentary, and recommendations for readers. Founded by Jeff O’Neal, the platform celebrates the love of reading and connects readers with new and diverse books and authors.

Elephant.is: Interactive Online Learning

Elephant.is is an interactive online classroom that helps people develop knowledge and skills in language and arts. Founded by Andrew Ravin, the platform offers courses, workshops, and resources for language learning, marketing, web design, and more. Elephant.is helps learners develop new skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.


These 15 online portal startups in Brooklyn demonstrate the diversity and innovation of the technology industry in New York City. From women’s healthcare to financial technology to virtual reality apartment hunting, these startups are transforming industries and improving people’s lives. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect more exciting and innovative online portals to emerge from Brooklyn and beyond.

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