Brooklyn’s 15 Cloud Computing Innovators Revolutionizing Tech Landscape

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Brooklyn, New York, is emerging as a thriving hub for tech startups, where a dynamic ecosystem of innovative companies is transforming industries through cloud computing. In this article, we will showcase 15 remarkable cloud computing startups that are driving the tech venture scene in Brooklyn. These companies are revolutionizing the way businesses operate and offering groundbreaking solutions across various sectors.


MiMedia offers an automatic cloud storage platform for seamless file backup, ensuring secure and easily accessible data storage for photos, videos, music, and more.


Paperspace powers next-generation applications built on GPUs, providing developers with a cloud computing infrastructure that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Kisi Security:

Kisi Security offers a unified access control system for physical spaces, combining IoT technology and mobile integration to deliver secure access management solutions for businesses and real estate.

Hyland | Nuxeo:

Hyland | Nuxeo addresses the need for a flexible and scalable Content Services Platform, empowering organizations to efficiently manage their content, digital media, and enterprise applications.


EnergyHub develops energy management tools that enhance the relationship between consumers and utilities, enabling optimized energy usage and contributing to a cleaner, more efficient future.

Magna Marketing:

Magna Marketing specializes in digital transformation consulting, providing services in CRM, email marketing, and sales optimization to drive growth and success through cloud computing.

Global Tech Solutions:

Global Tech Solutions offers comprehensive IT services, including systems design, security, integration, backup, and cloud hosting, ensuring businesses have the necessary support for their technology infrastructure. streamlines software development by empowering engineers to be more efficient. Their cloud computing solutions optimize enterprise application performance and accelerate the development process.


Beam is a cloud-based platform offering emergency aid, cash assistance, and public benefits services, bridging gaps and providing support to those in need.


Valiant Technology is an award-winning managed service provider catering to innovative industries in New York. Their cloud computing and information technology services drive growth and efficiency.


DataVerge specializes in colocation and cloud services, offering the most interconnected hubs in the NY region for businesses seeking reliable and secure data storage and IT infrastructure. provides a platform for users to store, manage, and stream their media libraries, integrating with third-party services for seamless audio and video streaming.


bitponics offers web-controlled automation for hydroponic and aquaponic systems, combining cloud computing, hardware, and IoT technology to optimize agricultural practices.

Smartly Built:

Smartly Built is a software company offering mobile app development, custom software solutions, and cloud computing services, catering to a wide range of industries.


Systech is an IT consulting firm providing cybersecurity, audit, digital transformation, business intelligence, and cloud solutions to help businesses thrive in the digital age.


Brooklyn’s cloud computing startups are transforming industries with their innovative solutions. From automatic cloud storage to unified access control systems and energy management tools, these companies are revolutionizing how businesses operate. With their cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approaches, Brooklyn’s tech landscape is becoming increasingly vibrant and influential in the world of cloud computing.

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