Cranfield University Boosts Green Tech Innovations with GFIL Technology Accelerator Fund

First Six Projects Secure Funding for Climate Change Solutions
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Key Takeaways

  • Cranfield University announces the first six successful applicants for its Green Future Investments Ltd (GFIL) Technology Accelerator Fund.
  • The projects aim to tackle climate change and achieve net-zero goals through technological innovation.
  • GFIL has donated £3 million to support the university’s students, staff, alumni, and research projects focused on sustainability and green initiatives.

Funding Climate Change Solutions

Lambda Energy: Sunlight Changing Films

Lambda Energy aims to increase crop yields by using greenhouses coated with sunlight changing films. These films will allow for the optimization of sunlight utilization, enhancing the growth of crops and providing more sustainable food production.

SAGES London: Food-Waste Derived Dyes

SAGES London explores the potential of refining natural, food-waste derived dyes to produce vibrant commercial colors. This project seeks to find sustainable alternatives to synthetic dyes, reducing the environmental impact of dye production and its associated waste.

Bluemethane: Capturing Methane for Bioenergy

Bluemethane focuses on optimizing technology to capture methane from water, creating a new source of bioenergy. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by utilizing methane as a renewable energy source.

ManholeMetrics: Real-Time Flood Warning Sensors

ManholeMetrics is developing low-cost, long-life sensors that can be mounted to the underside of manhole covers. These sensors will provide real-time flood warnings and enable flood prediction, helping communities adapt to climate change-related challenges.

TaiSan Motors Ltd: Next-Gen Battery Packs for EVs

TaiSan Motors Ltd is working on next-generation battery packs for electric vehicles (EVs). This project aims to improve EV performance and contribute to the global shift towards sustainable transportation.

Nium: Green Ammonia Production

Nium uses patent-pending nanotechnology to produce green ammonia without direct CO2 emissions. This project seeks to create an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional ammonia production methods, reducing the carbon footprint of the process.

Project NameMain Objective
Lambda EnergyIncrease crop yields with sunlight changing films on greenhouses
SAGES LondonProduce vibrant commercial dyes from food waste
BluemethaneCapture methane from water for bioenergy
ManholeMetricsDevelop real-time flood warning sensors for manhole covers
TaiSan Motors LtdCreate next-generation battery packs for electric vehicles
NiumProduce green ammonia without direct CO2 emissions using patent-pending nanotechnology
Table: GFIL Technology Accelerator Fund Supported Projects

Cranfield University’s Support for Sustainable Innovation

The successful projects will receive four months of technical and business support from Cranfield University, helping them to accelerate their development and bring their ideas to market. By funding these projects, Cranfield University demonstrates its commitment to sustainable innovation and fostering a greener future.

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