Revolutionizing Education: 15 E-Learning Startups in Brooklyn You Need to Know About

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With the rise of technology, online education has become increasingly popular. E-Learning startups in Brooklyn, New York, are taking advantage of this trend by providing innovative educational solutions. From language learning to home services, these startups are shaking up traditional education models with their unique approaches.

Outlier: Affordable College Courses Online

Outlier offers introductory college courses online at a relatively affordable price. Their platform provides an alternative to traditional higher education, allowing students to learn at their own pace without the burden of student debt. With a wide range of courses to choose from, Outlier is an excellent option for students who want to pursue higher education without breaking the bank.

Mindbodygreen: Wellness Education

Mindbodygreen is an independent media brand dedicated to wellness. They offer various educational resources, including articles, podcasts, and online courses. Mindbodygreen’s mission is to empower people to live their best lives by providing actionable and engaging content on wellness topics.

Cognitive ToyBox: Early Childhood Education Technology

Cognitive ToyBox develops technology to improve early childhood education. Their platform utilizes personalized learning algorithms to help young children learn through play. By focusing on individualized learning, Cognitive ToyBox aims to improve academic outcomes for children in their early years.

CentSai Inc: Financial Literacy Education

CentSai Inc is a SaaS solution designed to solve the global financial literacy crisis. Their solutions are applicable to schools, banks, credit unions, and financial advisors, providing a comprehensive financial education experience. By offering personalized financial literacy education, CentSai is empowering individuals to make better financial decisions.

Ribbon Education: Teacher-Student Relationship Management

Ribbon Education is a teacher-student relationship management platform. They help teachers and students manage their educational relationships by providing tools for communication, organization, and collaboration. With Ribbon Education, educators can focus on providing personalized learning experiences for their students.

Gura: Advisory Board in Your Pocket

Gura is an advisory board in your pocket. Their platform offers on-demand access to experienced professionals who can provide guidance on various topics. Gura’s focus is on democratizing access to expert advice, making it more accessible for individuals and businesses alike.

StoryIQ: Data-Driven Storytelling

StoryIQ helps people create data-driven stories that transform businesses and provide unforgettable learning experiences. Their platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools for data visualization, storytelling, and training. By harnessing the power of data and storytelling, StoryIQ is helping individuals and businesses better communicate their message.

Circles: Meaningful Video Conferencing

Circles is a video conferencing tool designed to facilitate meaningful conversation and peer learning. Their platform provides tools for small group collaboration, enabling participants to connect and learn from one another. With Circles, users can engage in meaningful conversations and build lasting relationships.

Boardworks Education: Educational Software

Boardworks Education is a publisher of educational software designed for whole-class teaching on interactive whiteboards and projectors. Their platform provides engaging and interactive educational content for teachers and students alike. By leveraging technology, Boardworks Education is helping to transform the traditional classroom model.

ELM Learning: Mobile Learning and Staff Augmentation

ELM Learning provides mobile learning, presentation design, staff augmentation, compliance training, and software simulation services. Their platform offers a wide range of educational services for businesses, helping them improve employee engagement and productivity. With ELM Learning, businesses can invest in their workforce by providing high-quality educational resources. Interactive Online Classroom is an interactive online classroom that helps people develop knowledge and skills in language and arts. Their platform provides a personalized learning experience, allowing users to learn at their own pace. With, users can engage in interactive learning experiences and connect with a community of learners.

Fixable: Home Improvement Services and Expert Advice

Fixable offers home improvement services and expert advice to homeowners, realtors, and contractors. Their platform provides personalized solutions for home improvement projects, from design to implementation. By offering expert advice and reliable home services, Fixable is making home improvement projects more accessible for everyone.

eTranslation Services: Professional Translation Services

eTranslation Services offers professional translation services of documents or texts into any language. Their platform provides high-quality translation services for businesses and individuals. With eTranslation Services, users can communicate effectively with people from around the world, breaking down language barriers.

Prodeus: Technology Platform for Digital Credentials

Prodeus is a technology platform providing applications to catalog the hours one spends learning on Youtube to earn a digital credential. Their platform offers a unique approach to credentialing, allowing users to showcase their skills and knowledge in a tangible way. By making digital credentials more accessible, Prodeus is helping individuals improve their career prospects.

Edgi Learning: Digital Platform for Learning and Studying

Edgi Learning creates and develops a digital platform that provides assistance on various learning and studying needs. Their platform offers personalized learning solutions, from test preparation to language learning. With Edgi Learning, users can improve their academic outcomes and achieve their learning goals.


Brooklyn’s E-Learning Startups are leading the way in revolutionizing education. With their innovative approaches and unique educational solutions, they are making education more accessible and personalized. Whether you’re looking to improve your financial literacy or learn a new language, these startups offer something for everyone. So, if you’re interested in learning more, check out the links above and explore the exciting world of E-Learning startups in Brooklyn!

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