Startup Showcase: Akorn Technology

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Revolutionizing Fresh Produce with Sustainable Edible Coatings

In a world where food waste and sustainability are critical concerns, Akorn Technology is making waves with its innovative approach to preserving fresh produce. This startup, based in Berkeley, California, is harnessing the power of upcycled, non-GMO corn by-products to manufacture edible coatings that significantly extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. With a mission to reduce food waste and promote better nutrition, Akorn Technology is revolutionizing the produce industry while ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Enhancing Freshness and Taste with Edible Coatings

At the heart of Akorn Technology’s groundbreaking solution lies their edible coatings. These coatings are carefully developed using upcycled corn by-products, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional preservation methods. By applying these coatings to fresh produce, Akorn Technology empowers producers and retailers to deliver harvest-fresh fruits and vegetables that retain their taste, texture, and nutritional value for an extended period.

Tackling Food Waste from Farm to Fork

One of the primary objectives of Akorn Technology is to combat food waste throughout the produce supply chain. By extending the shelf life of perishable goods, the company significantly reduces the amount of fresh produce that goes to waste. This not only benefits producers and retailers by improving their bottom lines but also has a positive impact on the environment. Akorn Technology’s sustainable approach helps minimize the carbon footprint associated with food waste, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Advancing Sustainability Goals and Consumer Satisfaction

By leveraging Akorn Technology’s edible coatings, producers and retailers can align their operations with sustainability objectives. These coatings enable them to reduce food waste and enhance the quality of their products, thereby satisfying eco-conscious consumers who prioritize sustainable choices. The innovative solutions offered by Akorn Technology allow stakeholders across the produce industry to make significant strides towards achieving their sustainability goals while delighting consumers with fresher, longer-lasting, and tastier fruits and vegetables.

With its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and food quality, Akorn Technology has emerged as a leading force in the produce industry. The company’s unique approach to extending the shelf life of fresh produce demonstrates the transformative power of upcycling and sustainable practices. By addressing critical challenges surrounding food waste, Akorn Technology is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future for the entire produce supply chain.





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