Startup Showcase: Baoji Pharmaceutical – Revolutionizing Biopharmaceutical Innovation

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Unleashing the Power of Biopharma R&D and Production

Baoji Pharmaceutical, a trailblazing Sino-foreign joint biopharmaceutical enterprise, is making waves in the healthcare industry with its groundbreaking drug research and development capabilities and state-of-the-art production facilities. Located in Baoshan, Shanghai, China, Baoji Pharmaceutical is spearheading innovation by integrating cutting-edge technologies in drug development and production. With a strong focus on recombinant human hyaluronidase-based subcutaneous drug delivery technology and pharmaceutical equipment for assisted reproduction, Baoji Pharmaceutical is revolutionizing the landscape of biopharmaceuticals.

Unveiling the Future of Drug Delivery: Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase-based Subcutaneous Drug Delivery Technology

At the forefront of Baoji Pharmaceutical’s innovative solutions is their revolutionary recombinant human hyaluronidase-based subcutaneous drug delivery technology. This breakthrough approach allows for efficient and targeted drug delivery, enhancing the efficacy and convenience of treatment for patients. By leveraging the power of recombinant DNA technology, Baoji Pharmaceutical is able to develop novel therapies that improve patient outcomes and quality of life. With this groundbreaking technology, Baoji Pharmaceutical is redefining the standards of drug delivery in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Empowering Assisted Reproduction: Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Equipment

Recognizing the growing need for advanced pharmaceutical equipment in assisted reproduction, Baoji Pharmaceutical has emerged as a leader in this field. Through extensive research and development efforts, the company has developed state-of-the-art equipment that supports assisted reproduction procedures, revolutionizing the way fertility treatments are conducted. Baoji Pharmaceutical’s pharmaceutical equipment offers unparalleled precision, efficiency, and reliability, empowering healthcare professionals and providing hope to individuals and couples seeking to start or expand their families.

Driving Innovation through Core Technology Platforms

Baoji Pharmaceutical’s commitment to innovation is evident in its establishment of three core technology platforms. The medicinal enzyme engineering technology center serves as the hub for developing novel enzymatic therapies, opening new possibilities for the treatment of various diseases. The glycoprotein drug engineering technology center focuses on the development of advanced glycoprotein-based drugs, leveraging the potential of these molecules in addressing complex medical conditions. Lastly, the antibody targeting enzyme engineering technology center pioneers the development of antibody-based therapies that target specific disease markers, enabling personalized and precise treatment approaches.

In addition to its pioneering research and development endeavors, Baoji Pharmaceutical maintains a strong commitment to quality and safety. The company adheres to stringent regulatory standards and employs rigorous quality control measures at every stage of drug production. By combining cutting-edge technologies with a focus on patient safety, Baoji Pharmaceutical ensures that its products meet the highest standards of efficacy, reliability, and quality.



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