Startup Showcase: Bower – Encouraging Recycling with Innovative Deposit Solution

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With the increasing concern for environmental sustainability, companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and promote recycling. Bower, a Stockholm-based startup, has developed a mobile app that enables deposit of packages and products at existing recycling stations. Their innovative solution provides a monetary value to the recycled products, creating an incentive for consumers to recycle and reduce waste. This startup showcase highlights the unique solution offered by Bower.

Introducing Bower: The Deposit Solution for Packages and Products

Bower is a startup that has created a unique deposit solution for all packages and products. By providing a monetary value to the recycled items, Bower is encouraging consumers to recycle and reducing the number of packages or products that end up in the garbage or the environment. Bower’s position-based scanning technology enables consumers to receive a deposit value in their mobile phone when recycling their packaging at pinpointed places.

With Bower, there is no longer any need to invest in expensive reverse vending machines. Instead, consumers are able to recycle at already existing recycling stations or at other pinpointed locations selected by connected consumer brands. This innovative solution not only promotes environmental sustainability but also simplifies the recycling process for consumers.

Incentivizing Recycling through Monetary Deposits

Bower’s deposit system is a proven way to increase recycling rates. By providing a financial incentive, consumers are encouraged to recycle their packages and products. Bower enables consumer brands to put a deposit value on their packaging in the form of money or points. By doing so, they take greater responsibility for their packaging and get a direct relationship to their end-consumers through the app.

Creating a deposit system is simpler than it sounds. There is already a habitual behavior to visit deposit stations, and Bower reinforces this behavior by giving incentives to actually visit the deposit station. Bower’s solution can be connected to all sorts of packaging – everything from plastic bags to take-away mugs to products. This versatility makes it an attractive solution for companies looking to promote environmental sustainability.

Connecting Consumer Brands with End-Consumers

Bower’s innovative solution not only promotes recycling but also provides a direct relationship between consumer brands and their end-consumers. The mobile app allows consumer brands to communicate with their customers and provide rewards for recycling. This direct relationship can help build brand loyalty and promote customer engagement.

Bower’s technology also allows for detailed tracking of recycling rates and consumer behavior. This data can provide valuable insights for companies looking to improve their sustainability practices and promote environmental responsibility.


Bower is an innovative startup that has created a unique deposit solution for packages and products. Their mobile app provides a monetary value to the recycled items, encouraging consumers to recycle and reducing waste. Bower’s solution is simple, cost-effective, and can be connected to all sorts of packaging. Additionally, the app enables consumer brands to connect with their end-consumers and promote brand loyalty. Overall, Bower’s solution has the potential to revolutionize the recycling industry and promote environmental sustainability.





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