Startup Showcase: Enerdrape Transforming Underground Spaces into Renewable Energy Sources

Architecturally Integrated Technology Harnesses Geothermal and Waste Heat for Sustainable Heating and Cooling
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Startup Showcase: Enerdrape highlights an innovative company that revolutionizes the way we utilize existing underground spaces for renewable energy generation. Enerdrape, based in Ecublens, Vaud, Switzerland, offers an architecturally integrated technology that captures geothermal and waste heat from underground environments such as parking lots, tunnels, and stations. With their groundbreaking solution, Enerdrape enables cost-effective and sustainable heating and cooling for buildings, fostering the energy transition and providing access to affordable renewable energy systems.

Unleashing the Power Beneath: Enerdrape’s Vision

Enerdrape has a visionary goal of transforming the untapped potential lying beneath our feet into a renewable energy resource. Traditional heating and cooling systems often rely on fossil fuels or electricity, resulting in environmental degradation and high costs. Enerdrape seeks to disrupt this norm by harnessing the immense energy potential present in underground spaces, creating a sustainable future for urban environments.

Revolutionizing Energy Sourcing: Enerdrape’s Technology

Enerdrape’s proprietary technology seamlessly integrates with existing underground environments, leveraging both geothermal energy and waste heat. By implementing their architecturally integrated solution, Enerdrape ensures that these spaces can be repurposed to generate renewable energy for heating and cooling purposes. This innovative approach paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable Heating Solutions

One of the key advantages of Enerdrape’s technology is its cost-effectiveness. By utilizing underground spaces that already exist, the need for extensive construction or alteration of buildings is eliminated. This approach reduces the overall implementation costs, making renewable heating solutions more accessible to a broader range of buildings and urban environments. Enerdrape’s technology enables property owners and developers to achieve energy efficiency goals while remaining economically competitive.

Benefits for Urban Environments

Enerdrape’s solution holds immense potential for urban environments, where underground spaces are often underutilized. By converting these spaces into renewable energy sources, Enerdrape contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the mitigation of climate change impacts. Moreover, the integration of their technology enhances the overall sustainability and resilience of cities, creating healthier and more livable communities for residents.


Enerdrape’s groundbreaking technology unlocks the hidden potential of existing underground spaces, revolutionizing the way we generate renewable energy for heating and cooling needs. By harnessing geothermal and waste heat, Enerdrape offers an innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solution that contributes to the global energy transition. With their visionary approach, Enerdrape paves the way for a future where urban environments can thrive on renewable resources.


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