Startup Showcase: Famitra – Protecting Assets with Innovative Family Trust Consultation Services

Empowering Families to Safeguard Assets and Prevent Asset Freezes through Family Trusts
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Famitra brings forth an innovative solution to tackle the growing concern of asset freezes resulting from dementia. With their expert consultation services, Famitra aims to protect customers’ assets by facilitating the formation of family trusts. By entrusting asset management to trustworthy family members, Famitra ensures flexibility and security in asset management, fulfilling the wishes and needs of the settlor and their family.

The Dementia Asset Freeze Challenge

Dementia poses significant challenges not only to the individuals affected but also to their families. One pressing concern is the potential asset freezes that can occur when dementia progresses, leaving individuals unable to manage their finances effectively. Famitra recognizes this pressing issue and has designed a unique solution through the establishment of family trusts.

Introducing Famitra’s Family Trust Consultation Services

Famitra is at the forefront of empowering families to safeguard their assets through their specialized consultation services. By utilizing the family trust system, Famitra enables individuals to entrust the management, operation, and disposal of their assets to trusted family members. This ensures that even if the settlor is unable to make decisions due to dementia, their assets remain protected and accessible for the benefit of their family.

Flexibility and Customization:

Famitra understands that each family has unique circumstances and desires when it comes to asset management. By leveraging family trusts, they offer tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific wishes and needs of the settlor and their family members. This ensures that assets are managed and distributed according to individual preferences.

Asset Protection and Security:

The family trust system offered by Famitra acts as a shield against potential asset freezes due to dementia or other incapacitating conditions. By entrusting assets to trusted family members, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their hard-earned wealth is protected and utilized for the benefit of their loved ones.

Preserving Family Harmony:

Asset management and inheritance can sometimes lead to conflicts within families. Famitra’s family trust consultation services aim to prevent such disputes by providing a structured framework for asset management and distribution. This helps in maintaining family harmony and fostering a smooth transition of wealth from one generation to the next.


Famitra is revolutionizing asset protection through their expert consultation services, specializing in the formation of family trusts. By addressing the challenges posed by dementia and other incapacitating conditions, Famitra empowers families to safeguard their assets and ensure a secure future for generations to come.



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