Startup Showcase: Intuitivo – The Future of Automated Retail

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Intuitivo is an innovative technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to create the perfect one-on-one shopping experience. The company is based in Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina and is transforming the future of retail with its cutting-edge technology. With their A-POPs, Intuitivo is enabling retailers to provide customers with an agile, smarter, and fully automated shopping experience, with no cash or lines. Just Grab & Go.

Intuitivo’s technology uses computer vision and AI to transform shelves of coolers into autonomous points of purchase (A-POPs). The cameras placed in the frames capture the videos and their computer vision pipelines help them understand what is going on in the transaction. The customers scan a QR code on the A-POP, open it, grab what they want, and leave. The technology works with any digital wallet, so the payment is instant and contactless. Intuitivo is revolutionizing the retail industry with its AI-powered automated shopping experience. Here are a few reasons why they are making headlines:

Enhancing Customer Experience

Intuitivo’s technology allows customers to make purchases quickly and easily, without waiting in line or interacting with a cashier. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the adoption of contactless payment options, Intuitivo’s technology comes at an opportune time. The ability to make purchases through a digital wallet, without touching cash or interacting with a payment terminal, is especially appealing to customers who are concerned about their health and safety.

Transforming Retail Industry

Intuitivo is transforming the retail industry by enabling retailers to automate their sales process. Retailers can install the A-POPs in various locations, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, and other retail outlets. The A-POPs can be configured to stock different products, and their stock levels can be monitored remotely using Intuitivo’s software. Retailers can benefit from reduced labor costs and increased operational efficiency by using Intuitivo’s technology.

Pure AI/Computer Vision Play

Intuitivo is leading the way in the retail industry by offering a pure AI/Computer Vision play. With over 250 Grab&Go’s installed, the tech company has the highest autonomous point of sales rollout with a pure AI/Computer Vision play in the industry. The company is using its expertise in computer vision and AI to develop cutting-edge technology that enhances the customer experience and helps retailers reduce costs.


Intuitivo is an innovative startup that is changing the retail industry with its AI-powered automated shopping experience. The company’s technology allows retailers to automate their sales process and provides customers with a faster, contactless shopping experience. With their cutting-edge technology, Intuitivo is poised to revolutionize the retail industry and become a leader in the space.



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