Startup Showcase: OneCup AI – Revolutionizing Livestock Monitoring with Computer Vision

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Livestock management is an important aspect of the agriculture industry, and ensuring the health and well-being of animals is crucial to the success of any farm or ranch. However, traditional methods of monitoring livestock can be time-consuming and inefficient. OneCup AI, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has developed a solution to this problem by using computer vision to identify livestock and track their health, growth, activity, and phenotypes.

Introducing BETSY: Bovine Expert Tracking and Surveillance

OneCup’s BETSY is the Eyes of Rancher when the rancher is away. With BETSY, ranchers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their animals are being monitored and cared for 24/7. BETSY is essentially Face ID for animals, using computer vision to identify each animal and track its vital signs and behavior. BETSY can be used for a variety of livestock, including cattle, sheep, bison, pigs, goats, and even dogs, covering over 50 species and breeds.

Tracking Health, Growth, Nutrition, Activity, and Phenotypes

OneCup’s BETSY is much more than just a simple identification system. BETSY uses the ID to track health, growth, nutrition, activity, and phenotypes. BETSY can detect changes in an animal’s behavior or vital signs, and proactively notify the rancher when an emergency arises. For example, if a calf is in breach or a predator is in the yard, BETSY can alert the rancher to take immediate action.

Touch-Free and Non-Invasive

OneCup’s BETSY is completely touch-free and non-invasive. There is no hardware attached to the animals, and no need for gating or physical restraint. Everything is done with computer vision, ensuring that the animals are not stressed or agitated. BETSY can be deployed on the cloud or edge-based AI, making it accessible and easy to use for ranchers of all sizes.


OneCup AI’s BETSY is a game-changer in the livestock management industry, offering ranchers an efficient and non-invasive way to monitor their animals. BETSY’s computer vision technology enables ranchers to proactively manage their livestock, ensuring their health, safety, and well-being. With BETSY, ranchers can focus on running their operations, knowing that their animals are being taken care of.





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