Startup Showcase: Remagine – Redefining Financial Services with Purpose-Driven Business Accounts

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Remagine is a Berlin-based fintech startup that aims to revolutionize financial services through purpose-driven and tech-driven solutions that inspire businesses to be more successful, sustainable and impactful. With the world’s first purpose-driven digital business accounts, Remagine has gained the attention of numerous businesses seeking a unique and innovative approach to managing their finances. Remagine’s innovative platform empowers businesses through a range of financial solutions, including accounts, team cards, analytics, and payment solutions. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore Remagine’s mission, its innovative platform, and its partnership with Solarisbank.

The Mission: Empowering Businesses for Success, Sustainability, and Impact

Remagine was founded in 2020 by Sebastian Dienst and Julia Profeta Johansson, both of whom share a passion for redefining financial services to better serve businesses. The duo recognized the need for founder-friendly solutions that leverage technology to help businesses succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Remagine’s mission is to empower businesses to make an impact in their communities while maintaining financial sustainability. The company’s approach is centered on transparency, simplicity, and purpose, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional financial services that can be opaque and complex.

The Platform: Purpose-Driven Business Accounts

Remagine’s innovative platform is centered around purpose-driven business accounts. These digital accounts are designed to help businesses manage their finances more effectively, with features such as real-time insights, automated bookkeeping, and team cards that allow for easy expense management. One of the standout features of Remagine’s accounts is the ability to choose a purpose for your account. This purpose-driven approach helps businesses align their financial goals with their broader mission, allowing them to stay true to their values while making smart financial decisions. In addition to purpose-driven accounts, Remagine also offers payment solutions, including SEPA and SWIFT transfers, as well as team cards that enable businesses to track and manage expenses easily. The platform also features advanced analytics tools that provide real-time insights into a business’s financial performance, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.

The Partnership: Solarisbank

Remagine’s partnership with Solarisbank, Europe’s leading Banking-as-a-Service provider, has been crucial to its success. This partnership allows Remagine to offer its innovative platform to businesses across Europe, leveraging Solarisbank’s banking infrastructure and regulatory compliance. Solarisbank’s expertise in banking-as-a-service has allowed Remagine to focus on developing its purpose-driven platform, knowing that the financial infrastructure is being taken care of. This partnership has also helped Remagine attract investors and expand its reach across Europe.

Investment and Future Plans

Remagine has attracted investments from some of the most renowned fintech angel investors, including former Global Head of Google Payment Jonathan Weiner and former COO of Venmo Michael Vaughn. This support has enabled the company to grow rapidly and expand its reach across Europe. Looking to the future, Remagine plans to continue developing innovative solutions that empower businesses to succeed, while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and social impact. The company aims to expand its reach further and become a leading player in the European fintech landscape.


Remagine is a fintech startup that is redefining financial services with purpose-driven business accounts. The company’s innovative platform is designed to help businesses succeed while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and social impact. With its partnership with Solarisbank and support from prominent investors, Remagine is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth and expand its reach across Europe.





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