Startup Showcase: Resolve Revolutionizes B2B Payments with Buy Now, Pay Later Billing

San Francisco-based startup Resolve offers an innovative solution for businesses to increase sales and improve cash flow.
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As B2B commerce continues to grow rapidly, businesses face significant challenges when it comes to cash flow management. This is where Resolve comes in. As a B2B payments platform that offers buy now, pay later billing for business purchases, Resolve is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their finances. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Resolve unique and how it’s helping businesses improve their bottom line.

Increasing Sales with Risk-Free Net Terms

One of the biggest challenges for B2B merchants is managing cash flow while waiting for payment from customers. Resolve helps to address this issue by offering risk-free net terms. This means that merchants can extend payment terms to their customers, giving them more time to pay while still receiving payment upfront. This not only makes it easier for customers to buy, but it also increases sales for the merchant.

Seamless Integration with All Sales Channels

Resolve is designed to be a comprehensive solution that can be used across all sales channels, including e-commerce checkouts. This means that B2B merchants can offer the same payment options across all channels, making the checkout process more seamless and consistent for customers. This not only helps to improve customer experience but also increases the likelihood of completing the sale.

Backed by Top Investors

Resolve has a strong team of experienced professionals who have built successful payment solutions before. The company is also backed by top investors, including PayPal and Affirm co-founder Max Levchin. This gives Resolve a strong foundation to build on and the resources to continue innovating in the B2B payments space.


Resolve is an innovative B2B payments platform that is transforming the way businesses manage their finances. By offering risk-free net terms and seamless integration with all sales channels, Resolve is helping businesses increase sales and improve cash flow. With a strong team and backing from top investors, Resolve is poised to become a leader in the B2B payments space.





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