Startup Showcase: Samp Consolidating Technical Information into Intelligent Digital Twins

Revolutionizing Plant Management with Cutting-Edge Digital Twin Technology
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Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we highlight innovative companies that are reshaping industries with their groundbreaking solutions. In this edition, we turn our spotlight to Samp, a Paris-based startup that is revolutionizing the way plant management is conducted through the power of Digital Twins. Samp develops software that consolidates technical information into Digital Twins, providing a comprehensive and accurate representation of industrial plants. Join us as we explore how Samp’s intelligent solutions are transforming the landscape of industrial operations.

Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins

In today’s fast-paced and complex industrial landscape, managing large-scale plants efficiently is a daunting task. Samp’s cutting-edge software offers a transformative solution by leveraging Digital Twin technology. A Digital Twin is a virtual replica of a physical asset, integrating data from multiple sources to provide a holistic and real-time view. Samp’s software automates the creation and updating of intelligent 3D models of plants, offering unparalleled insights for all stakeholders.

Digital Twin as a Service: Unifying Data for Optimal Efficiency

One of Samp’s flagship products is the Digital Twin as a Service. This innovative offering harnesses the power of machine learning to consolidate 3D laser scans and technical data from various sources. By collating this information, Samp delivers a fully accurate 3D “Digital Twin” of a plant. This intelligent model serves as a web portal, providing a centralized hub for all players involved in plant management. With Samp’s Digital Twin as a Service, stakeholders gain unprecedented visibility into the plant’s operations, facilitating better decision-making and enhanced efficiency.

Automating As-Built Verification: Streamlining Plant Construction

Samp’s second product, the As-Built automatic verification service, tackles a critical challenge in plant construction. By employing advanced geometrical and topological algorithms, Samp’s solution automatically compares laser scans with 3D CAD models. This meticulous process identifies and highlights any discrepancies that require attention, eliminating time-consuming manual verification tasks. With Samp’s As-Built automatic verification service, construction teams can ensure that plants are built accurately, reducing errors and costly rework.

Founders with Vision: Laurent Bourgouin and Shivani Shah

Samp was founded in 2019 by the visionary duo of Laurent Bourgouin and Shivani Shah. With a shared passion for transforming the industrial landscape, Bourgouin and Shah established Samp in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. Their expertise in engineering and technology has been instrumental in developing Samp’s cutting-edge solutions. Through their leadership, Samp is driving innovation in plant management and reshaping the way industries operate.

In Conclusion,

Samp is an industry disruptor, providing game-changing solutions that consolidate technical information into intelligent Digital Twins. With their Digital Twin as a Service and As-Built automatic verification offerings, Samp empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and enhance productivity. By automating the creation of 3D models and enabling accurate as-built verification, Samp is transforming the plant management landscape. To learn more about Samp and their pioneering solutions,



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