Startup Showcase: Shox Rumahan – Providing Affordable Home Appliances for Online Purchasing

Empowering Homeowners with Social Commerce and Entrepreneurship Opportunities
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Shox Rumahan is a startup that has caught our attention as it revolutionizes online home purchasing by providing affordable home appliances. The platform is community-based, allowing users to not only shop but also earn additional income through entrepreneurship. With its social commerce concept and user-friendly features, Shox Rumahan is a game-changer for homeowners in need of household necessities.

Affordable Home Appliances for Online Home Purchasing

Shox Rumahan understands that homeowners need quality and affordable home appliances to make their daily lives more comfortable. However, many traditional retail stores charge exorbitant prices, making it difficult for individuals on a tight budget to buy these essential items. Shox Rumahan addresses this issue by offering affordable home appliances on its platform. Its focus on the online market means that homeowners can purchase their desired items from the comfort of their homes at a much lower cost.

User-Friendly Features

Shox Rumahan’s platform is easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. One of its most notable features is the ability to use scanned photos or images to find products. This feature is especially helpful for homeowners who want to find a specific item but do not know its name. The platform’s product ideas and inspiration are also based on existing trends, making it easier for homeowners to keep up with the latest household trends.

Social Commerce and Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Shox Rumahan is more than just an online marketplace. Its social commerce concept allows users to earn additional income through entrepreneurship. By joining the partnership/community program and the social gathering feature on the app, users can sell products to their community and earn a commission. This feature is especially helpful for those who are looking to supplement their income or start a small business.

Shox Rumahan’s platform is community-based, meaning that users can connect with others who have similar interests. This feature encourages social interaction, making the platform not only an online marketplace but also a social hub for homeowners.


Shox Rumahan is a startup that is changing the way homeowners shop for household necessities. Its platform offers affordable home appliances, user-friendly features, and entrepreneurship opportunities through social commerce. With its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, Shox Rumahan is making a significant impact in the local market and is poised to expand globally.




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