Startup Showcase: STOREE – Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool for Retail Managers

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As the retail industry becomes increasingly competitive and complex, retail managers are expected to wear multiple hats to ensure their stores run smoothly and meet sales targets. However, the sheer amount of data, tasks, stores, and employees to manage can be overwhelming, and traditional manual methods may not be enough to achieve success. That’s where STOREE comes in.

STOREE is a SaaS-based retail technology startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that has developed an algorithm that mimics the work of retail managers, especially when it comes to sales. The algorithm identifies merchandise pain points on a store level, alerts the store manager, and guides them to fix the issues to improve sales. STOREE has integrated this algorithm into a task management tool explicitly designed for the retail market, creating an Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool that guides all managers to excellence and improves sales.

Revolutionizing Retail Management

One of the biggest challenges that retail managers face is the inability to keep track of all tasks, sales goals, and inventory management. STOREE’s Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool simplifies this process by centralizing data and automating manual tasks. The tool provides managers with real-time alerts about stock levels, sales performance, and any issues that need immediate attention, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the tool integrates with existing systems, making it easy to use and implement without disrupting existing operations.

Improving Sales and Customer Experience

In today’s retail environment, customer experience plays a critical role in driving sales. STOREE’s algorithm identifies merchandise pain points on a store level, such as slow-moving inventory or items that are frequently returned, and provides actionable insights to address these issues. This, in turn, helps improve the customer experience, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Customer Success Stories

STOREE’s Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool has already made a significant impact on the retail industry. One of the company’s clients, a major retail chain, reported a 15% increase in sales in just a few months after implementing the tool. Another client, a small boutique store, was struggling to manage inventory and sales, but with STOREE’s help, they were able to identify slow-moving inventory and re-strategize their marketing efforts, resulting in a 25% increase in sales.


STOREE’s Automated Data-Driven Task Management Tool is a game-changer for the retail industry. With its ability to centralize data, automate manual tasks, and provide actionable insights to improve sales and customer experience, STOREE has positioned itself as a leading provider of retail technology solutions. If you’re a retail manager looking to streamline your operations and drive sales, STOREE is the startup to watch.





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