Startup Showcase: Traxpay – Transforming Supply Chain Finance Globally

A simple, secure & sustainable working capital solution
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Traxpay is a leading Supply Chain Finance platform that is revolutionizing the way companies manage their working capital. This innovative startup operates globally from Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany, with a multi-bank approach, making it the go-to platform for buyers, suppliers, and banks. Traxpay’s mission is to become the “Platform of Choice” for all supply chain finance needs, and with its user-friendly tools and sustainable financing solutions, it’s quickly gaining popularity.

Simple, Secure & Sustainable Working Capital

Traxpay’s Supply Chain Finance platform offers a simple, secure, and sustainable way for companies to manage their working capital. The platform provides all standard supply chain finance tools, allowing companies to optimize their cash flow, reduce financing costs, and improve their overall financial performance. Traxpay’s platform is designed to help companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, manage their working capital effectively.

Multi-Bank Approach

Traxpay’s multi-bank approach is one of its key strengths, enabling companies to access financing from multiple banks through a single platform. This approach ensures that companies can secure the best financing terms and rates, and it provides them with the flexibility they need to manage their working capital. Traxpay’s strategic partnerships with established financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank, Nord/LB, LBBW, and KfW IPEX-Bank further enhance its reputation and reliability.

Sustainable Supply Chain Finance Program

Traxpay is committed to sustainability and has introduced a new Sustainable Supply Chain Finance program. This program enables platform users to financially incentivize the sustainability of their supply chains, promoting environmentally and socially responsible practices. This innovative program aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and helps companies to build a more sustainable and resilient supply chain.


Traxpay is a fast-growing Supply Chain Finance platform that is transforming the way companies manage their working capital. Its user-friendly tools and multi-bank approach make it a popular choice among buyers, suppliers, and banks. Traxpay’s commitment to sustainability and innovative financing solutions set it apart from other supply chain finance platforms, making it a leading player in the industry.




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