Tech Venture News Magazine: Showcasing the Best Publishing Startups in Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn, NY has long been a hub for creative minds and innovative startups. From technology to media, Brooklyn is a breeding ground for new ideas and cutting-edge concepts. This article will explore the most interesting and innovative publishing startups based in Brooklyn, NY.

Vice Media: Redefining Digital Journalism

Founded in 1994, Vice Media is one of the most well-known digital media and broadcasting companies in the world. Focused on investigative journalism and enlightening videos, Vice has won numerous awards for its in-depth reporting on important issues. Its website and video streaming platform has become a go-to source for millennials seeking engaging content.

Atlas Obscura: Discovering the Unusual

Atlas Obscura is an online platform that catalogs unusual and obscure travel destinations. The user-generated content on the site allows readers to explore the world beyond the typical tourist attractions. The website has become a popular resource for travelers who seek off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Mad Realities: Audience-Owned TV

Mad Realities is an interactive TV platform that is owned by its audience. The company uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized platform for content creators and consumers to interact. With its unique approach to TV, Mad Realities is redefining how we think about ownership and distribution.

Zestworld: Empowering Comic Book Artists and Writers

Zestworld is a startup that is helping comic book artists and writers publish their work and earn money from fans. By providing a platform for content creators to showcase their work, Zestworld is democratizing the comic book industry. With its focus on empowering creators, Zestworld is changing the way we think about comic book publishing.

PickUp: Making Content Interactive

PickUp is a fan opinion platform that makes content interactive by letting publishers embed contextual and shareable editorial. The platform allows readers to share their thoughts and opinions on the content they read, creating a more engaging and personalized experience.

Lucid News: Providing News from Multiple Perspectives

Lucid News provides journalism services offering news and opinion from a wide range of perspectives. The company aims to promote civil discourse by presenting diverse viewpoints on important issues. With its commitment to providing unbiased news and analysis, Lucid News is filling a critical gap in the media landscape.

Storybird: Largest Language Arts Platform

Storybird is the largest language arts platform on the planet. The platform provides tools for educators and students to create and share stories. By promoting literacy and creativity, Storybird is making a positive impact on the education landscape.

Atavist: Storytelling Software

Atavist builds storytelling software that enables authors to compose, design, publish, and sell digital publications. With its intuitive platform, Atavist is making it easier for writers to share their stories with the world.

Tab Media: Global Youth Media Startup

Tab Media is a global youth media startup for people under 25. It publishes The Tab and babe, two popular online publications that focus on news, entertainment, and culture. With its engaging content and focus on the younger generation, Tab Media is carving out a unique niche in the media industry.

Authorea: Collaborative Research Platform

Authorea is a collaborative platform designed to read, write, discuss, and publish research. The platform provides tools for researchers to collaborate on their work and share their findings with the world. With its innovative approach to research publishing, Authorea is changing the way we think about scientific collaboration.

InsideClimate News: Pulitzer-winning News Organization

InsideClimate News is a Pulitzer-winning non-profit, non-partisan news organization. The company focuses on reporting on the environment and energy policy, providing in-depth analysis and investigative reporting on important issues. With its commitment to quality journalism, InsideClimate News is an important voice in the media landscape.

Touch Press: Award-Winning Educational Games and Content

Touch Press creates and publishes award-winning educational games and content for digital platforms. The company’s products are designed to engage and educate users of all ages, with a focus on creating fun and interactive experiences.

Clapway: News Source for Science and Technology

Clapway is a website and news source for science and technology. The company covers a wide range of topics, from space exploration to robotics, providing in-depth analysis and reporting on the latest developments in the field. With its focus on emerging technologies, Clapway is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the future of science and technology.

Literally Media: Digital Comedy and Culture Brands

Literally Media offers the biggest portfolio of digital comedy and culture brands, offering enduring content to people worldwide. With a focus on creating entertaining and shareable content, Literally Media has become a popular destination for those seeking a laugh.

Press: Creating Multimedia Slideshows

Press allows smartphone users to create multimedia slideshows by using photos, recorded sounds, and texts. The platform provides an easy-to-use interface that enables users to create and share their own stories. With its focus on mobile storytelling, Press is changing the way we think about content creation.


From journalism to education, these publishing startups are changing the way we think about content creation and distribution. Brooklyn, NY has become a hub for innovative and creative startups, and these companies are leading the way in their respective industries. Whether it’s redefining digital journalism or creating interactive educational content, these startups are making a positive impact on the publishing industry and beyond. Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to innovate and shape the future of content.

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