Visualizing the Future: Brooklyn’s Data Visualization Startups

Exploring 15 Innovative Companies Revolutionizing Industries with Data Visualization in Brooklyn
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Data visualization has become a vital tool for businesses, enabling them to unlock insights, communicate complex information, and make data-driven decisions. In the bustling tech scene of Brooklyn, New York, numerous startups are at the forefront of data visualization innovation. These companies span various sectors, from healthcare to fashion, and are reshaping industries through their groundbreaking approaches to visualizing data. In this article, we will delve into 15 remarkable data visualization startups based in Brooklyn and discover their transformative contributions.


MEDIVIS is leveraging augmented reality technology to offer holographic surgical navigation, revolutionizing precision and efficiency in healthcare procedures.

Shape Matrix:

Shape Matrix focuses on developing and commercializing their advanced data visualization system, which enables effective asset management, cyber security, and supply chain management for businesses across diverse industries.

Everlasting Wardrobe:

Everlasting Wardrobe provides parents with a hassle-free subscription service that simplifies the process of discovering and selecting children’s clothing, utilizing data visualization to offer personalized fashion options.


Glimpse offers a self-service platform that enables users to gather quick and conversational open-ended feedback at scale, utilizing data visualization and natural language processing techniques for consumer research.


StoryIQ empowers individuals and businesses to create compelling and data-driven stories that transform information sharing and enhance learning experiences.


BrandChat is a SaaS marketing platform that enables brands to set up, manage, and measure chat conversations with their most valuable customers, leveraging data visualization for valuable customer insights.

Academy Product Design Agency:

Academy Product Design Agency offers comprehensive product design services, including consulting, recruiting, and usability testing, with a strong focus on data visualization and user experience.


Dressometry utilizes artificial intelligence to provide fashion trend monitoring through data visualization and machine learning technologies.

Brooklyn Digital Foundry:

Brooklyn Digital Foundry is a brand, web, and content agency that empowers clients to evolve their platforms and engage their audiences using data visualization and video.

Graph Commons:

Graph Commons is a collaborative platform for mapping, analyzing, and publishing data networks, enabling users to gain insights through data visualization.


co:census develops text analysis and data visualization software to help businesses derive valuable insights from textual data.

Intuitive Analytics:

Intuitive Analytics provides financial consulting services along with cash flow analysis and software solutions, utilizing data visualization for effective financial decision-making.


Qubes is an IT consulting firm specializing in big data solutions and providing data visualization expertise to clients.

GIBC Digital:

GIBC Digital is a consulting firm that uses core competencies in automation, business intelligence, and CX to deliver transformative change through data visualization.

Think Clearly:

Think Clearly is a consulting practice that focuses on data visualization to help clients hatch their visions and turn them into reality.


Brooklyn’s data visualization startups are revolutionizing industries and transforming the way businesses harness the power of data. From healthcare to fashion, these companies are using innovative techniques and technologies to visualize complex information, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights. As the field of data visualization continues to evolve, these startups are at the forefront, shaping the future of visualizing data in Brooklyn and beyond.

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