15 Brooklyn Startups Revolutionizing Public Safety: Are You Safe Yet?

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Brooklyn is a bustling borough in New York City known for its diverse communities, rich cultural history, and innovative spirit. As one of the most populous boroughs in NYC, public safety is a top priority for residents and businesses. Fortunately, there are a growing number of startups in Brooklyn that are working to address this challenge by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance community safety. In this article, we will explore 15 interesting public safety startups in Brooklyn that are changing the game in their respective industries.

Kwant: Workforce Management and Safety Platform

Kwant is a workforce management and safety platform that helps organizations in the service industry ensure compliance, enhance productivity, and improve worker safety. Founded by Eli Borton, Niran Shrestha, and Sanjeev Ghimire, Kwant provides real-time monitoring of employee location, task completion, and equipment usage. The platform also integrates with IoT devices such as sensors, wearables, and drones to provide real-time insights into workplace safety.

VanGo: Safe Rides for Teens

VanGo is a ride-sharing service that provides safe and reliable transportation for teens. Founded by Marta Jamrozik, a mom herself, VanGo employs a fleet of local moms who have undergone extensive background checks and training to provide a secure and comfortable ride experience. VanGo also uses AI-powered tools to monitor driver behavior and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

The Pace Companies: Full-Service Plumbing, Fire Protection, and HVAC Services

The Pace Companies is a full-service plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC company serving the New York metropolitan area. With decades of experience in the industry, The Pace Companies provides expert installation, maintenance, and repair services to ensure that buildings are safe and comfortable for residents and workers alike.

Fluidmesh Networks: Wireless Solutions for Industrial IoT Applications

Fluidmesh Networks develops wireless solutions for industrial IoT applications, with a focus on vehicle connectivity and automation. Founded by Andrea Orioli, Cosimo Malesci, and Umberto Malesci, Fluidmesh Networks enables real-time data communication between connected vehicles and central control systems, enhancing safety and efficiency in transportation, mining, and other industries.

Safety Dynamics: Construction Safety Management and Environmental Consulting Services

Safety Dynamics specializes in health, construction safety management, training, quality, and environmental project consulting services. With a team of experienced consultants, Safety Dynamics provides tailored solutions to help businesses manage risk, comply with safety regulations, and promote a culture of safety in the workplace.

Cross-Fire & Security: Design, Engineering, Installation, and Maintenance of Safety Systems

Cross-Fire & Security is a safety company specializing in the design, engineering, installation, maintenance, monitoring, and servicing of safety systems. Founded by Brendan Doorly and Kevin Maguire, Cross-Fire & Security provides comprehensive safety solutions for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations.

New York Safety and Training: Safety Training, Planning, and Inspections

New York Safety and Training provides safety training, planning, and inspections to clients from various industries. With a team of certified safety professionals, New York Safety and Training offers customized safety programs to help businesses comply with safety regulations, mitigate risk, and ensure worker safety.

Guardian Angels: Public Safety and Education Services

Guardian Angels is a non-profit organization that provides public safety and education services to communities in need. Founded by Curtis Sliwa, Guardian Angels empowers volunteers to patrol neighborhoods, provide safety education, and foster community engagement to enhance public safety.

Together for Safer Roads: Data-Driven Solutions for Transportation Safety

Together for Safer Roads is a technology sector that provides data to prevent traffic crashes, injuries, and fatalities for people. Through partnerships with businesses, NGOs, and governments, Together for Safer Roads leverages data analytics, research and advocacy to improve road safety globally. Their focus areas include pedestrian safety, fleet safety, and urban mobility.

Homeland Surveillance: Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Fire Safety Services

Homeland Surveillance provides video surveillance, access control, network cabling, fire safety, remote management, and consultation services. With a team of experienced technicians, Homeland Surveillance offers customized solutions to help businesses protect their assets, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and prevent security breaches.

Protect-All Security and Investigations: Home Security and Private Investigations

Protect-All Security and Investigations is a home security company that offers private investigations, building security, and courier services. With a team of licensed and trained professionals, Protect-All Security and Investigations provides customized security solutions to help businesses and individuals protect their assets and ensure safety.

Brooklyn Movement Center: Community Organizing for Social Justice and Public Safety

Brooklyn Movement Center is a community organizing group that identifies the issues of racism, Black social justice, and protecting the community. Founded by a group of activists, Brooklyn Movement Center promotes community engagement, social justice, and public safety through advocacy, education, and community organizing.

Peak Security Plus: Watch Guard and Patrol Agency

Peak Security Plus is a watch guard and patrol agency that provides customized security solutions for businesses, residential buildings, and events. With a team of trained security personnel, Peak Security Plus offers surveillance, access control, and patrolling services to ensure safety and security.

PACE Mechanical: Expert HVAC Repair at Affordable Prices

PACE Mechanical provides dependable and expert HVAC repair at affordable prices. With a team of licensed and trained technicians, PACE Mechanical offers a range of HVAC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, to ensure that buildings are safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance and First Aid Squad: Emergency Medical Services

The Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps provides emergency medical services, including first aid and ambulance care services. With a team of trained medical professionals and volunteers, the Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance Corps offers round-the-clock emergency services to ensure that residents have access to timely and reliable medical care.


These 15 startups are just a few examples of the innovative companies that are working to enhance public safety in Brooklyn. From workforce management and transportation safety to video surveillance and emergency medical services, these startups are leveraging technology and expertise to address the complex challenges of ensuring community safety. As Brooklyn continues to grow and evolve, it is encouraging to see these startups making a positive impact and contributing to the safety and well-being of residents and businesses alike.

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