“15 Brooklyn Startups Shaking Up the Software Industry”

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Brooklyn, New York is not only a vibrant cultural hub, but also a hub for tech startups. This article will showcase 15 of the most exciting software startups that are currently based in Brooklyn. These startups are diverse in their industries and innovative in their approach to software development.

ConsenSys: Building Blockchain Infrastructure and Applications

ConsenSys is a software company that specializes in building Ethereum blockchain infrastructure and applications. Their offerings range from developer tools to enterprise solutions, making blockchain technology more accessible for businesses. With a focus on blockchain, cryptocurrency, fintech, mobile, and software, ConsenSys is leading the way in the decentralized world of blockchain.

Litify: End-to-End Legal Operating Platform on Salesforce

Litify is an end-to-end legal operating platform built on Salesforce. Their enterprise software is specifically designed for the legal industry, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for law firms. With a focus on enterprise software, legal, legal tech, SaaS, and software, Litify is changing the way legal businesses operate.

goTenna: Advancing Universal Access to Connectivity

goTenna is a company that is advancing universal access to connectivity by building intelligent and scalable mobile mesh networks. Their products and services are designed to improve communication and privacy, with a focus on consumer electronics, hardware, messaging, mobile, privacy, and software.

Eternal: Avatar Social Network for a New Social Networking Experience

Eternal is a company that develops an avatar social network to offer a new social networking experience. With a focus on internet, social media, social network, and software, Eternal is building a unique platform for users to interact with one another.

Viventium: Cloud-Based HCM Solution Software Firm

Viventium operates as a cloud-based HCM solution software firm, providing a range of HR solutions for businesses. With a focus on cloud management and software, Viventium is streamlining HR operations for companies of all sizes.

Radar: Location Data Infrastructure Platform

Radar is a location data infrastructure platform that helps growth and product teams to build location-aware app experiences. Their platform is designed for analytics, developer tools, IT infrastructure, location-based services, mobile apps, and software.

Pienso: Machine Learning Platform for Non-Programmers

Pienso is a machine learning platform that makes it easy to turn text data into insights for non-programmers. With a focus on artificial intelligence, big data, information technology, machine learning, and software, Pienso is making machine learning accessible for businesses of all sizes.

NICKLpass: News Reading Without Paywalls

NICKLpass is a platform that enables users to read the news without paywalls. Their computer, mobile apps, news, and software focus on democratizing access to information.

Nowsta: Scheduling, Time Tracking, and Fintech Solutions

Nowsta is a technology company that offers scheduling, time tracking, and fintech solutions. With a focus on enterprise software, financial services, fintech, SaaS, scheduling, and software, Nowsta is streamlining workforce management for businesses.

Roam: Cloud HQ for Remote Businesses

Roam is a cloud HQ designed to bring together scattered remote businesses. Their cloud infrastructure, productivity tools, software, and web development focus on improving collaboration and productivity for remote teams.

Paperspace: Powering Next-Generation Applications Built on GPUs

Paperspace powers next-generation applications built on GPUs. Their artificial intelligence, cloud computing, enterprise software, GPU, and machine learning focus on making powerful computing accessible for all.

Minerva: Platform for Creating Clickable Instructions for Anything on the Internet

Minerva is a platform enabling anyone to create and share clickable instructions for anything on the internet. With a focus on collaboration, information technology, internet, productivity tools, SaaS, and software, Minerva is revolutionizing the way people share information online.

StrongArm Tech: Safety Science Solutions for Industrial Workers

StrongArm Tech is a safety science company that develops data collection, assessment, and safety solutions for the industrial worker. With a focus on the internet of things, machine learning, risk management, software, and wearables, StrongArm Tech is improving safety and reducing risk in industrial settings.

Gauntlet: Blockchain Simulation and Testing Platform for Financial Systems

Gauntlet builds a blockchain simulation and testing platform for financial systems. With a focus on blockchain, financial services, fintech, and software, Gauntlet is making it easier for financial businesses to adopt and implement blockchain technology.

Universe: Mobile Application for Creating Sites, Shops, and Portfolios

Universe is a mobile application that offers sites, shops, and portfolios. With a focus on mobile, mobile apps, and software, Universe is making it easy for users to create and customize their online presence.


Brooklyn, New York is home to a diverse range of innovative and exciting software startups. From blockchain infrastructure to legal operating platforms, location data infrastructure to safety science solutions, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in software development. With their focus on collaboration, innovation, and accessibility, these companies are changing the face of software and technology, and are worth keeping an eye on in the years to come.

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