15 Exciting Developer APIs Startups in Brooklyn: Innovating Technology for the Future

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As technology continues to evolve, the demand for developer APIs grows. Brooklyn, New York, is home to a wide range of startups, including several exciting Developer APIs companies that are revolutionizing their respective industries. These companies are using the latest technology to provide innovative solutions to common problems. In this article, we will explore 15 of the most interesting Developer APIs startups in Brooklyn.

BlockApps: Leading Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

BlockApps is a blockchain as a service company that develops enterprise blockchain platforms. Their platforms offer scalable solutions for businesses looking to adopt blockchain technology. With founders James Hormuzdiar, Kieren James Lubin, and Victor Wong, BlockApps is helping businesses to optimize their operations and make blockchain more accessible to enterprises.

Directus: Democratizing Data with Open Data Platform

Directus is an Open Data Platform for democratizing data. Their platform empowers businesses with the ability to integrate data from any source into their systems. With founders Ben Haynes and more, Directus is making data more accessible and easier to manage for businesses.

Eligible: Simplifying Insurance Billing with Powerful APIs

Eligible’s powerful APIs are the easiest way to add insurance billing experiences into web and mobile applications. Their platform makes it simple for businesses to integrate insurance billing into their existing systems. With founders James Schuler, Katelyn Gleason, and Patrice Krakow, Eligible is making healthcare billing more efficient.

Paccurate: Lower Shipping Costs and Speed Up Shipping with Cartonization API

Paccurate is a cartonization API that lowers shipping costs and speeds up shipping. Their platform uses advanced algorithms to optimize the packaging process and reduce shipping costs. With founder James Malley, Paccurate is making shipping more efficient for businesses.

HeyLayer: One-stop Minting and Distribution Platform for Brands

LAYER Technologies is a one-stop minting and distribution platform for brands backed by Bitcoin via Stacks Blockchain. Their platform makes it easy for businesses to create and distribute their own digital assets. With founders Alla Koretsky, Gary Riger, and Marina Romashka, HeyLayer is making blockchain more accessible to brands.

AudioSalad: Online Tool for Metadata, Media Asset Management, and Distribution Platform

AudioSalad is an online tool that offers services for metadata, media asset management, and distribution platform. Their platform is ideal for musicians and other creatives who need to manage and distribute their content. With founder Deane Thomas, AudioSalad is making it easier for creatives to manage their digital assets.

Reactive Streaming: Easy-to-use APIs for Building Live Experiences

Reactive Streaming is a startup that provides easy-to-use APIs that allow users to build live experiences from the ground up. Their platform makes it simple for businesses to create and distribute live content. With founder Andrew Conti, Reactive Streaming is making it easier for businesses to engage with their audiences in real-time.

Conductrics: API for Creating Targeted, Self-Optimizing, Customer-Facing Web and Mobile Applications

Conductrics offers an API that allows users to create targeted, self-optimizing, customer-facing web and mobile applications. Their platform uses machine learning algorithms to optimize customer experiences. With founders Matt Gershoff and Nate Weiss, Conductrics is helping businesses to create more personalized and engaging experiences for their customers.

Mergent: Extensive Details for Both Public and Private Companies

Mergent Online offers extensive details for both public and private companies through a web-based application that combines deep information on companies with robust analytics tools. With Mergent Online, users can access financial statements, SEC filings, analyst reports, and more to help them make informed business decisions. Mergent also offers a variety of developer APIs, allowing users to integrate Mergent’s data into their own applications.

Lineapple: Fast Pass Lines and Call Back Alerts for Businesses

Lineapple is an app designed to help businesses set up fast pass lines and call back alerts for customers in two minutes or less. The app helps businesses reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction by allowing customers to get in line remotely and receive alerts when it’s their turn. Lineapple also offers analytics tools, allowing businesses to track wait times and customer satisfaction.

Vapor: Modular Server Side Software with Swift

Vapor is a web framework that creates modular server-side software with Swift. Vapor allows developers to write server-side code in Swift, a programming language commonly used for iOS and macOS development. With Vapor, developers can build fast, scalable web applications that are easy to maintain and deploy.

Meta Industries: Online Dashboard with Social Networking, Interaction, Blogging, and Account Management for Mobiles

Meta Industries offers Combo, an online dashboard with social networking, interaction, blogging, and account management for mobile devices. Combo allows users to easily manage multiple social media accounts, interact with their followers, and publish content across multiple platforms. Combo also offers analytics tools to help users track their social media performance.

Source: Operating System for Digital Healthcare Delivery Services

Source is an operating system for digital healthcare delivery services. Source offers a suite of developer APIs that allow healthcare providers to integrate digital healthcare services into their existing workflows. With Source, healthcare providers can offer telemedicine, remote monitoring, and other digital healthcare services to their patients.

Creative EMS: Software Solutions for the Medical Industry

Creative EMS is a software development firm that specializes in designing solutions for the medical industry. Creative EMS offers a range of software solutions, including billing software, electronic health records (EHR) systems, and medical practice management software. Creative EMS also offers developer APIs, allowing healthcare providers to integrate Creative EMS’s software into their existing workflows.

Saasify: Platform to Launch and Grow Niche SaaS Products

Saasify is a platform to launch and grow niche SaaS products. Saasify offers a suite of developer APIs that allow developers to create and sell software as a service (SaaS) products. With Saasify, developers can focus on building their products while Saasify handles the infrastructure, billing, and other backend services. Saasify also offers marketing and sales tools to help developers reach their target audiences.


Brooklyn, New York is home to a thriving community of startups that are developing innovative developer APIs across a range of industries. From blockchain and cryptocurrency to healthcare and logistics, these startups are using technology to solve complex problems and create new opportunities. Whether you’re a developer looking to integrate cutting-edge technology into your own applications, or a business looking to improve your operations and customer experiences, the startups featured in this article are worth checking out.

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