15 Interesting iOS Startups in Brooklyn, New York

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Brooklyn, New York, is known for its thriving startup ecosystem and innovative companies. With a large pool of talented individuals and a supportive community, Brooklyn has become a hub for tech startups. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 interesting iOS startups in Brooklyn, New York.

Tinybop – A Suite of Educational iOS Apps for Kids

Tinybop builds a suite of educational iOS apps for kids. With apps like The Human Body, Plants, and Weather, Tinybop’s goal is to help children understand the world around them. The company’s apps have won numerous awards and have been featured in the App Store.

Jukely – Daily Guestlist Access to Concerts and Parties

Jukely is a club that grants its members daily guestlist access to hundreds of concerts, parties, and DJ sets every month. Members can browse and reserve spots at events, and Jukely also offers recommendations based on user preferences.

Keemotion – Automated Production Solution for Sports

Keemotion is the automated production solution connecting the arena for coaches, leagues, and fans. The company’s technology uses multiple cameras to capture and analyze sports games, providing real-time data to coaches and fans.

Nooklyn – Apartments and Roommates Made Easy

Nooklyn is an iOS app that makes it easy to find apartments and roommates. The app includes a map-based search tool, and users can filter results by price, location, and other criteria. Nooklyn also offers a roommate-matching service.

Hopscotch – Programming for Kids

Hopscotch is an iOS app that teaches kids how to code. The app uses a visual programming language that allows users to create their own games and animations. Hopscotch has been used in classrooms around the world and has been featured in the App Store.

Fly Labs – Making Video Creativity Mainstream

Fly Labs is a company that makes iOS apps for video editing. The company’s apps allow users to add effects, trim clips, and more. Fly Labs was acquired by Google in 2015.

Heady – Mobile Product Consultancy

Heady is a mobile product consultancy that helps companies build and launch mobile apps. The company’s services include product strategy, design, development, and marketing.

HowUdish – Mobile App for Nutritional Lifestyle

HowUdish develops a mobile application that connects users to dishes fitting their nutritional lifestyle. The app includes a database of restaurants and menus, and users can search for dishes based on dietary preferences.

Fuzz Productions – Delivering Heightened Customer Experiences

Fuzz Productions partners with world-class brands and early-stage disruptors to deliver heightened customer experiences that create meaning. The company’s services include product strategy, design, development, and marketing.

Carrot Creative – Digital Marketing Agency

Carrot Creative is a digital marketing agency specializing in social media strategy, design, and development. The company has worked with clients like MTV, Disney, and L’Oreal.

AREA 17 – Digital Product Agency

AREA 17 is a digital product agency with studios in Paris and New York. The company’s services include product strategy, design, development, and marketing. AREA 17 has worked with clients like Google, Airbnb, and The New York Times.

Rentech Digital – IT Company

Rentech Digital is an IT company that provides web design and development, mobile app development, and digital marketing services. The company has worked with clients like IBM, Microsoft, and HP.

Evil Martians – Product Development Consultancy

Evil Martians is a product development consultancy that works with startups and established businesses, and creates OSS-based products. The company’s services include product strategy, design, development, and marketing.

Prolific Interactive – Mobile-Focused Product Agency

Prolific Interactive is a mobile-focused product agency based in Brooklyn and San Francisco. The company’s services include product strategy, design, development, and marketing. Prolific Interactive has worked with clients like Sephora, Gap, and American Express.

MOTI Technologies – Video-Chat Platform for the New Economy

MOTI Technologies is a video-chat platform for the new economy. The company’s platform is designed to help businesses communicate and collaborate remotely. MOTI Technologies has worked with clients in industries like cyber security, fintech, insurance, and IoT.


Brooklyn, New York, is home to a diverse range of innovative startups, and these 15 iOS startups are just a few examples. From educational apps for kids to digital marketing agencies, these companies are making a significant impact on their respective industries. With their unique ideas and innovative solutions, these startups are helping to shape the future of technology.

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