15 Interesting Product Management Startups in Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn, NY has become a hub for innovative startups in the tech industry, with many companies focusing on product management. In this article, we will highlight 15 interesting product management startups in Brooklyn and discuss their unique offerings.

S.W. Basics – Natural Skincare

S.W. Basics is a natural skincare line that uses ingredients such as shea butter, rosewater, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. Founded by Adam Poor and Adina Grigore, the company provides a unique and natural approach to skincare.

Uni – Analytics

Uni is a company that provides actionable inclusion analytics. With a focus on analytics, product management, and software, Uni helps companies gain insights into their data to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Founded by Adrian Vatchinsky, Greg Pass, and Stephen Lang, Uni is quickly becoming a leader in analytics.

10XBeta – Product Design and Development

10XBeta is a product management firm that specializes in the development and design of electronics, medical devices, and specialized robotics projects. With a focus on industrial engineering, machinery manufacturing, medical device, product design, and product management, 10XBeta has a unique approach to product development.

Produx Labs – Product Management Consulting

Produx Labs provides training, coaching, and consulting in product management for businesses. With a focus on consulting, product management, and software, the company helps businesses improve their product management practices.

Smartly Built – Software Development

Smartly Built is a software company that offers mobile app development, custom software development, cloud computing, cloud development, and technology support. With a focus on Android, apps, cloud computing, creative agency, digital marketing, information technology, mobile apps, product management, and software, Smartly Built helps businesses develop custom software to meet their unique needs.

Academy Product Design Agency – Product Design

Academy Product Design Agency offers studio, staffing, and recruiting services for businesses looking to improve their product design. With a focus on consulting, data visualization, human-computer interaction, product design, product management, product research, recruiting, staffing agency, usability testing, and UX design, Academy Product Design Agency provides a wide range of services to help businesses improve their product design.

Studio Rodrigo – Product Design and Development

Studio Rodrigo provides product design strategies, responsive web design, UX design, e-commerce solutions, and product development services. With a focus on e-commerce, product design, product management, UX design, and web design, the company provides businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the digital age.

Finesse Creations – Product Supply

Finesse Creations is a product supply company that specializes in office supplies, electrical, plumbing, uniforms, printers, and equipment. With a focus on consulting, electronics, product management, and supply chain management, Finesse Creations helps businesses manage their supply chain more effectively.

Prosper Digital TV – Video Production and Digital Marketing

Prosper Digital TV is a video production and digital marketing company that helps businesses produce high-quality videos and market their products effectively. With a focus on events, film production, podcast, product management, video, video editing, and video streaming, Prosper Digital TV provides businesses with the tools they need to create compelling content and reach their target audience.

Scott Henderson – Industrial Design and Branding

Scott Henderson is an industrial design, engineering, and branding studio that provides businesses with the tools they need to create high-quality products and build their brand. With a focus on industrial, product design, and product management, Scott Henderson helps businesses improve their products and create a strong brand identity.

Evolution – Licensing, Brand Management, and Product Development

Evolution is a service licensing, brand management, product development, and sourcing firm that helps businesses bring their products to market. With a focus on brand marketing, consulting, contact management, market research, product management, and retail, Evolution provides businesses with a full range of services to help them succeed.

Scully Creative Labs – Strategic Consulting

Scully Creative Labs is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in rapid prototyping and product lifecycle management services. With a focus on augmented reality, consulting, product management, and virtual reality, Scully Creative Labs helps businesses create innovative products and bring them to market.

Made To Grow – Product Management and Marketing Operations

Made To Grow manages product management and marketing operations for businesses. With a focus on information technology, marketing, and product management, Made To Grow helps businesses develop and launch new products, as well as promote them effectively.

Awecelot – Boutique Product Development and Innovation

Awecelot is a boutique product development and innovation agency that helps businesses create innovative products and bring them to market. With a focus on consulting and product management, Awecelot provides businesses with the expertise and resources they need to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

Clockwork – Platform for Knowledge Entrepreneurs

Clockwork is a platform and app that enables knowledge entrepreneurs to create and sell a new type of knowledge product. With a focus on apps, information services, product management, and software, Clockwork provides a new way for people to share their knowledge and expertise with others.


Brooklyn, NY is home to a thriving startup ecosystem, with many interesting and innovative product management startups. Whether you are looking to improve your product design, supply chain management, or marketing operations, there is a startup in Brooklyn that can help you. By working with these startups, businesses can gain the expertise and resources they need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing market.

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