Brooklyn’s Bright Future: Showcasing 15 Innovative CleanTech Startups Shaping a Sustainable Tomorrow

Exploring the cutting-edge CleanTech companies in Brooklyn, New York, revolutionizing clean energy, smart cities, and sustainable solutions.
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Brooklyn, New York, has emerged as a hub for innovative CleanTech startups, spearheading the development of sustainable technologies and driving positive change. These companies are harnessing renewable energy, revolutionizing transportation, improving air quality, and reimagining urban spaces. In this article, we showcase 15 exciting CleanTech startups in Brooklyn that are leading the way toward a cleaner and greener future.


Amogy builds an innovative clean energy system using ammonia as a renewable fuel. By tapping into this eco-friendly resource, Amogy is revolutionizing the CleanTech industry and contributing to a sustainable energy future.


BlocPower is an energy technology startup dedicated to developing healthier, greener, and smarter cities. By leveraging advanced CleanTech solutions, they are making significant strides in enhancing energy efficiency and creating sustainable urban environments.


Voltpost is a hardware-as-a-service company that transforms lampposts into smart electric vehicle charging stations. By utilizing existing infrastructure, Voltpost is accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to a cleaner transportation ecosystem.


HEVO provides a seamless, safe, and universal wireless charging solution for electric vehicles. With their innovative technology, HEVO is eliminating the need for conventional charging infrastructure and revolutionizing the way we power our electric vehicles.

NineDot Energy:

NineDot Energy serves as a laboratory for clean energy business model innovation. Through their visionary approach, they are propelling advancements in energy efficiency and helping build a sustainable future.


Kinnos is a biotechnology company that simplifies the correct usage of disinfectants. By developing innovative solutions, Kinnos is enhancing the effectiveness of disinfection processes and promoting cleaner and healthier environments.


itselectric specializes in electric vehicle charging designed specifically for urban environments. Their solutions cater to the millions of drivers who park their cars on city streets, making electric vehicle charging convenient, accessible, and sustainable.

Aō Air:

Aō Air is dedicated to providing better air quality for life. With their innovative clean-tech solutions, they are improving air filtration, personal health, and overall wellness.


EnergyHub develops energy management tools that improve the relationship between consumers and utilities. By empowering individuals to monitor and optimize their energy usage, EnergyHub fosters a more efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem.


Oonee builds, finances, and operates automated bike parking infrastructure that humanizes public spaces. By providing secure and convenient bike parking solutions, Oonee encourages sustainable transportation and enhances urban livability.


Unety embeds sustainable finance into the workflows of ESG professionals. By integrating sustainable practices into the real estate industry, Unety is driving positive change and promoting a more environmentally conscious future.


Envairo is a software platform that quantifies space use to optimize office buildings without installing new sensors. By leveraging data analytics, Envairo helps optimize energy usage and improve the efficiency of real estate operations.


URBAN-X is a platform for startups reimagining city life, built by @MINI. With a focus on autonomous vehicles, smart buildings, and sustainable transportation, URBAN-X is fostering innovation in urban development and shaping the cities of tomorrow.


Meltek operates software that rewards people for reducing energy consumption. By incentivizing energy conservation, Meltek promotes sustainable behavior and contributes to a cleaner and greener future.

GenTech Solution:

GenTech Solution offers filtering solutions with complete customization. Their expertise in CleanTech and service industry integration enables tailored filtering solutions that address unique industry needs.


Brooklyn, New York, is home to a thriving ecosystem of CleanTech startups that are reshaping the future of sustainability. From clean energy systems and smart cities to innovative transportation solutions and air quality improvements, these companies are at the forefront of creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world. By harnessing their innovative technologies and forward-thinking approaches, Brooklyn’s CleanTech startups are making significant strides toward a brighter future for all.

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