Brooklyn’s Internet of Things Startups: Innovating for a Smarter Future

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From cutting-edge safety solutions to hydroponic farming systems, Brooklyn’s tech scene is booming with startups harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize industries and transform our daily lives. Here are 15 of the most exciting IoT startups in Brooklyn, each with their unique approach to making the world a smarter and more connected place.

StrongArm Tech: Protecting Industrial Workers with IoT and Machine Learning

StrongArm Tech is on a mission to improve workplace safety for industrial workers. The company uses IoT devices, machine learning algorithms, and predictive analytics to collect and analyze data on workers’ movements and postures. With this information, StrongArm Tech creates customized safety plans to reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity. Its wearable exoskeletons also provide extra support and protection to workers, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

DIMO: Building a Cloud-Based Logistics Platform for the Future

DIMO is a logistics and transportation startup that leverages IoT and cloud data services to optimize the movement of goods. Its platform provides real-time visibility into inventory and shipment data, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and streamline their operations. DIMO’s solution is highly scalable, making it suitable for companies of all sizes.

Farmshelf: Bringing Farm-to-Table to Your Table

Farmshelf is a startup that makes indoor hydroponic farming systems that anyone can use. Its smart systems can be installed in homes, offices, restaurants, and other settings, providing fresh, organic produce year-round. Farmshelf’s IoT-powered systems monitor temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Aavia: Empowering Women with Hormone Health Technology

Aavia is a female hormone health platform that uses IoT devices and machine learning to help women better understand their menstrual cycle and improve their overall health and wellness. The startup’s smart pillbox reminds users to take their medication at the right time, tracks their symptoms and mood, and offers personalized insights and recommendations.

Lynq Technologies: Keeping Track of Your Loved Ones Anywhere, Anytime

Lynq Technologies develops IoT devices that enable people to track each other’s locations even in areas with no cellular service. Its patented technology uses a combination of GPS, Bluetooth, and mesh networking to create a real-time location network that can be used for outdoor adventures, public safety, and military applications.

Dog Parker: Making Cities More Dog-Friendly

Dog Parker is an IoT startup that provides temperature-controlled dog houses outside retail stores and other locations, enabling dog owners to shop, dine, or run errands without leaving their furry friends in a hot car. The startup also licenses its technology to stores and shopping centers to improve their dog-friendliness and generate revenue from pet owners.

Kisi Security: Simplifying Access Control for Physical Spaces

Kisi Security is a startup that uses IoT and mobile technology to create a unified access control system for physical spaces. Its cloud-based platform allows businesses to manage their access controls remotely, reducing the need for physical keys and improving security. Kisi Security’s solution is highly customizable and integrates with other IoT devices and software.

Opus One Solutions: Pioneering a Connected Energy Internet

Opus One Solutions is a software engineering and solutions company that delivers on the vision of a connected energy internet. Its IoT-powered platform enables utilities and other energy providers to manage and optimize distributed energy resources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, in real-time. This helps to reduce costs, improve reliability, and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy.

Radiator Labs: Transforming Radiator Heating Systems for Energy Efficiency

Radiator Labs is an IoT startup that develops energy management and electrification solutions for radiator-heated buildings. Its platform uses smart thermostats and control valves to regulate heat flow and balance temperatures throughout a building, reducing energy consumption and costs. Radiator Labs’ solution is easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing heating systems.

Frio: Revolutionizing Heat Trace Controllers for Building and HVAC Systems

Frio is an IoT startup that develops the next generation of heat trace controllers for building and HVAC systems. Its cloud-based platform offers real-time monitoring and control of heating and cooling systems, optimizing energy use and reducing maintenance costs. Frio’s solution also offers predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

ClearRoad: Creating a Future of Next-Generation Pricing for the Road

ClearRoad is an IoT startup that enables next-generation pricing of the road using in-vehicle tech and data. Its platform leverages IoT devices and sensors to collect data on road usage, traffic, and other factors. This data is then analyzed to provide personalized pricing and incentives to drivers, encouraging sustainable and efficient transportation.

Reality Sports Online: Blending Fantasy Sports and Reality for an Immersive Experience

Reality Sports Online is a startup that creates reality-based fantasy sports products using IoT and other technologies. Its platform offers a more immersive and interactive fantasy sports experience, allowing players to manage their teams in real-time and make decisions based on real-world data and events.

Numina: Harnessing Computer Vision and IoT for Smarter Cities

Numina is an IoT startup that delivers real-time insights from streets to make cities more responsive. Its computer vision and sensor-based technology monitor and analyze urban data, such as pedestrian and vehicle traffic, to help cities optimize their infrastructure and improve safety and mobility.

Shared_Studios: Building an Internet You Can Walk Through

Shared_Studios is an IoT startup that builds multidisciplinary art, design, and technology installations to connect people from different parts of the world. Its IoT-powered portals enable visitors to walk through a physical doorway and interact with someone in a remote location in real-time, creating a unique and immersive experience.

MOTI Technologies: Transforming Video Chat for the New Economy

MOTI Technologies is an IoT startup that develops a video-chat platform for the new economy. Its solution leverages IoT devices and machine learning to create a more secure and seamless video-chat experience for businesses and consumers. MOTI’s platform integrates with other IoT devices, such as smart locks and cameras, to provide a comprehensive solution for remote work and communication.


Brooklyn’s IoT startup scene is a testament to the city’s innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. From improving workplace safety to creating a more sustainable and efficient transportation system, these startups are harnessing the power of IoT to make the world a smarter and more connected place. As these companies continue to grow and innovate, we can expect even more exciting developments from Brooklyn’s tech scene in the years to come.

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