Brooklyn’s Robotics Startups: 15 Companies Shaping the Future of AI and Robotics

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Brooklyn, New York, is home to a thriving community of innovative startups that are pushing the boundaries of robotics and artificial intelligence. These companies are creating cutting-edge technologies that are transforming industries ranging from biotechnology to aerospace, and from healthcare to construction. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 of the most interesting and promising robotics startups in Brooklyn, providing an overview of each company, its industry, and its founders.

Opentrons: Automating Experiments with Pipetting Robots

Opentrons is a company that has developed a pipetting robot technology to automate experiments. The robots are capable of performing experiments faster and more accurately than humans, reducing the time and cost of scientific research. The company’s robots are used in labs all over the world, and Opentrons is a leader in the emerging field of lab automation.

Near Space Labs: Affordable Aerial Imagery from the Stratosphere

Near Space Labs is a cutting-edge Earth imagery and geospatial data company on a mission to provide universal access to high-quality information about our rapidly changing planet. They provide timely, wide-scale, ultra high-resolution imagery with the largest zero-emission balloon fleet in the stratosphere. Near Space Labs is revolutionizing the way that businesses, communities, municipalities and researchers gather data that can help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges such as urbanization and climate change.

DIMO: Digital Infrastructure for Moving Objects

DIMO is a company that provides digital infrastructure for moving objects. Their technology enables seamless communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and cloud-based systems, with applications in logistics, transportation, and the Internet of Things. DIMO is committed to making transportation more efficient, reliable, and sustainable.

Bedrock Ocean Exploration: Platform for Underwater Vehicles

Bedrock Ocean Exploration is a platform for underwater vehicles. The company provides tools and services for exploration, research, and mapping of the ocean floor. Their technology is used in a wide range of industries, including marine biology, oil and gas, and environmental monitoring. Bedrock is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the oceans and making them more accessible.

Nemedio: Accelerating Development of Medical Technologies

Nemedio is a company that provides solutions to accelerate the development of medical technologies. Their software and services help medical device companies streamline the design and development process, reducing time-to-market and costs. Nemedio is focused on improving patient outcomes by making medical technology more efficient and effective.

Lexset: Creating Synthetic Data for Computer Vision

Lexset creates synthetic data for computer vision. Their technology allows for the creation of realistic 3D models and images for training and testing machine learning algorithms. The company’s platform has applications in fields ranging from augmented reality to supply chain management. Lexset is dedicated to improving the accuracy and efficiency of computer vision systems.

Futurism: Curating the Technological Innovations of the Future

Futurism is a digital media platform that curates the technological innovations that will shape the future. Their coverage spans a wide range of topics, including cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and robotics. Futurism’s goal is to educate and inspire its audience to embrace the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Voodoo Manufacturing: Empowering Everyone to Manufacture

Voodoo Manufacturing is giving everyone on Earth the power to manufacture. Their 3D printing technology and services make it easy and affordable for anyone to create custom products, from prototypes to finished goods. The company is committed to democratizing manufacturing and enabling anyone with an idea to bring it to life.

Pliant Energy Systems: Energy Harnessing and Marine Robotics

Pliant Energy Systems conceptualizes, patents and develops technologies in the fields of energy harnessing and marine robotics. Their innovative technology includes flexible, wave-powered turbines and aquatic drones that can monitor and repair underwater infrastructure. The company’s solutions have applications in renewable energy, aquaculture, and oceanographic research. Pliant Energy Systems is committed to developing sustainable and efficient technologies for the marine industry.

Work & Co: Creating Digital Products and Services that Define Great Brands

Work & Co creates digital products and services that define great brands. Their expertise spans a wide range of industries, including advertising, e-commerce, and product design. The company’s goal is to deliver exceptional user experiences that drive engagement and loyalty.

Foothold Technology: Health EHR Software and Solutions

Foothold Technology is a computer software company that provides health EHR software and solutions. Their technology is designed to streamline the delivery of healthcare services, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. Foothold is dedicated to empowering healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver high-quality care.

Future Lab: Advancing Technology in Brooklyn

Future Lab is a technology company based in Brooklyn. The company’s mission is to advance technology in Brooklyn and beyond, with a focus on innovation, collaboration, and community. Future Lab provides a space for entrepreneurs, technologists, and creatives to collaborate and build the technologies of the future.

Subspace Networks: Open-Development Platform for Internet Applications

Subspace Networks operates as an open-development platform for internet applications. Their technology enables developers to build faster, more secure, and more reliable internet applications. The company’s solutions have applications in industries ranging from gaming to healthcare to finance.

DOM: Small Robots Constructing & Operating Interiors

DOM is a company that is developing small robots for constructing and operating interiors. Their technology is designed to automate tasks such as painting, cleaning, and maintenance, making building management more efficient and cost-effective. DOM is committed to improving the quality of life for building occupants by creating smarter, more sustainable interiors.

Madeo Studio: Helping Companies Grow Faster and Smarter

Madeo Studio is a team of designers, strategists, storytellers, and engineers. They help companies grow faster and smarter by leveraging technology and design to create innovative products and services. The company’s expertise spans a wide range of industries, including advertising, apps, consulting, and web design.


Brooklyn’s robotics startups are at the forefront of innovation, developing cutting-edge technologies that are transforming industries and shaping the future. From lab automation to aerial imagery to underwater exploration, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with robotics and artificial intelligence. With a strong focus on collaboration, community, and sustainability, these startups are paving the way for a brighter and more innovative future.

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