Fortifying Brooklyn’s Digital Fortress: Exploring Cyber Security Startups Safeguarding the Big Apple

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In the bustling tech ecosystem of Brooklyn, New York, a new generation of cyber warriors is emerging to fortify the digital fortress of the Big Apple. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, these 15 innovative startups are stepping up to protect individuals, businesses, and organizations from the ever-evolving landscape of cyber risks. From cutting-edge encryption technologies to smart contract security and IT consulting, these companies are at the forefront of the cyber security revolution. Join us as we delve into the world of cyber security startups in Brooklyn and discover the pioneers securing our digital future

Shape Matrix:

Developing and commercializing the Shape Matrix system. Industry: Asset Management, Big Data, Cyber Security, Data Visualization, Enterprise Software, Identity Management, Industrial Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management. Founder(s): Michael Lazerow.


An IT company that allows startups, businesses, and organizations to hire software engineers. Industry: Cyber Security, Quantum Computing, Software. Founder(s): Michele Reilly, Seth Lloyd.


A cybernetics P2P software development company that provides solutions to manage, secure, and control personal data. Industry: Cyber Security, Information Technology, Privacy, Private Social Networking, Software, Software Engineering, Web Browsers. Founder(s): Eugene Nosko, Vlad Kruglyansky.


A provider of automated security and compliance solutions for business acceleration and security activities. Industry: Compliance, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Risk Management, Security, Software. Founder(s): Simon Shaddock, Stas Bojoukha.


Designed for business professionals, MongoTEL provides service features to grow profitability and stay connected. Industry: Cyber Security, Information Technology, Virtual Reality. Founder(s): Moshe Teitelbaum.

MOTI Technologies:

A video-chat platform for the new economy. Industry: Cyber Security, FinTech, Insurance, Internet of Things, iOS, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments, Payments, Software, Video Chat. Founder(s): Hugo Sanchez, Jeff Falcon, Kevin Cavallaro.


Encrypts internet traffic and performs real-time calculations to remove tracking cookies and viruses. Industry: Cyber Security, Privacy, Security. Founder(s): Chris Naegelin, Dean Mekkawy.

Include Security, LLC:

Cutting-edge application security assessment consulting company. Industry: Consulting, Cyber Security, Network Security, Security. Founder(s): Erik Cabetas.


SaaS-based smart contract security for Ethereum blockchain. Industry: Blockchain, Cyber Security, Ethereum, SaaS, Software. Founder(s): Bernhard Mueller.

Total Fire Protection:

Fire protection service in New York City, New York. Industry: Cyber Security, Security.


A flag framework for hiring hackers, training developers, and teaching students. Industry: Cyber Security, Printing, Software, Training, Web Hosting.


Promoting and improving Cybersecurity. Industry: Computer, Cyber Security, Network Security, Software. Security:

Provides comprehensive and actionable IT security assessments, risk management, and compliance solutions. Industry: Cyber Security.


An IT consulting firm offering cybersecurity, audit, digital transformation, business intelligence, and cloud solutions. Industry: Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Information Technology. Founder(s): Sol Schiff.

Excel Global Security:

Offers executive protection, celebrity security, personnel services, facility management, consulting, and services. Industry Cyber Security, Network Security, Professional Services.


Brooklyn, New York, is becoming a thriving hub for cyber security startups that are on a mission to protect individuals, businesses, and organizations from the growing threats in the digital realm. From cutting-edge encryption technologies to comprehensive compliance solutions and smart contract security, these innovative companies are at the forefront of the cyber security revolution.

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