Startup Showcase: Alethea – Protecting Companies from Disinformation

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In today’s digital age, misinformation and disinformation can spread like wildfire, causing harm to individuals, businesses, and even nations. It is essential to have systems in place to detect and prevent these harmful narratives from spreading. Alethea is a tech company based in Washington, DC, that offers a solution to this pervasive problem. With its multi-channel machine learning platform, Artemis, Alethea helps Fortune 500 companies, private companies, and nonprofits protect themselves from the harm caused by disinformation.

Introducing Alethea: A Solution to Disinformation

Alethea was founded in 2019 by a team of experts in disinformation, cybersecurity, and machine learning. The company’s goal is to help organizations protect their reputations, assets, physical safety, and market value by detecting and stopping disinformation early on. Alethea leverages its cutting-edge machine learning platform, Artemis, to detect disinformation narratives across the internet. Artemis scans social media platforms, news websites, and other digital sources to detect and identify potential disinformation campaigns.

With Artemis, Alethea can offer its customers early detection and proactive defense against disinformation. The platform’s advanced algorithms can identify patterns, behaviors, and keywords that indicate a disinformation campaign is underway. This early warning system enables customers to respond quickly and effectively, protecting themselves from the potential harm of disinformation campaigns.

Alethea’s Approach to Disinformation Detection

To detect disinformation, Alethea’s Artemis platform uses a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and network analysis. The platform crawls the web, looking for indicators of disinformation campaigns, such as coordinated messaging, bots and fake accounts, and other anomalies. The platform also analyzes the sentiment and tone of online conversations, identifying changes that may indicate the start of a disinformation campaign.

Once Alethea detects a potential disinformation campaign, its team of experts conducts a comprehensive analysis to verify the information and assess the threat level. The company then works with its customers to develop a response plan, which may include taking down content, responding to false claims, and engaging with stakeholders to mitigate the impact of the disinformation campaign.

Benefits of Alethea’s Services

Alethea’s services offer several benefits to its customers. First, the company’s early warning system enables customers to proactively defend themselves against disinformation campaigns, preventing potential harm before it can occur. Second, Alethea’s comprehensive analysis and response planning ensure that customers are prepared to respond effectively to disinformation campaigns. Finally, the company’s platform is constantly evolving, incorporating new data sources and refining its algorithms to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.


Alethea is a technology company that offers a solution to one of the most pressing issues of our time – disinformation. With its cutting-edge machine learning platform, Artemis, the company helps Fortune 500 companies, private companies, and nonprofits protect themselves from the harm caused by disinformation. Alethea’s early warning system, comprehensive analysis, and response planning enable customers to defend themselves proactively and effectively against disinformation campaigns.




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