Startup Showcase: Captura Biopharma Revolutionizing Treatment for Heavy Metal Contamination

Pioneering Heavy Metal Chelators for Safer and Healthier Lives
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Welcome to Startup Showcase, where we shine a spotlight on groundbreaking companies at the forefront of innovation. In this edition, we present Captura Biopharma, an emerging biotechnology company that is revolutionizing the treatment of heavy metal contamination. Captura Biopharma, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, is dedicated to developing and commercializing cutting-edge heavy metal chelators. Their groundbreaking lead candidate, C2E2, is poised to become the world’s first oral treatment for internal radiation contamination, offering hope for those affected by heavy metal poisoning. Join us as we delve into the promising realm of Captura Biopharma’s game-changing advancements.

The Science Behind Captura Biopharma’s Heavy Metal Chelators

Captura Biopharma is at the forefront of developing heavy metal chelators that can effectively target and remove harmful heavy metals from the body. Their scientific approach involves the creation of novel compounds capable of binding to heavy metals, such as americium, plutonium, and lead. With heavy metal contamination and radiation exposure on the rise, Captura Biopharma’s research and development efforts are paving the way for safer and more effective treatment options.

A Breakthrough in Internal Radiation Contamination Treatment

Captura Biopharma’s lead chelation candidate, C2E2, holds incredible potential for revolutionizing the treatment landscape of internal radiation contamination. Unlike traditional chelation therapies that are administered intravenously, C2E2 is the world’s first oral treatment indicated for internal radiation contamination. This groundbreaking innovation has the potential to significantly improve patients’ quality of life by providing a convenient and non-invasive treatment option.

Efficacy studies have demonstrated C2E2’s ability to selectively target heavy metals, including americium, plutonium, and lead. The results are promising, suggesting that Captura Biopharma’s treatment can effectively remove these harmful metals from the body, mitigating the damaging effects of radiation contamination. With its oral formulation, C2E2 offers a promising solution for patients and healthcare providers, potentially reducing treatment costs and improving accessibility.

Addressing the Growing Threat of Heavy Metal Contamination

In today’s industrialized world, heavy metal contamination poses a significant threat to human health and the environment. With increasing exposure to transuranic elements and heavy metals, the need for advanced treatments has never been more crucial. Captura Biopharma recognizes this pressing issue and has taken on the challenge of developing innovative therapies that can combat heavy metal poisoning effectively.

By focusing on research and development, Captura Biopharma aims to provide healthcare professionals and individuals affected by heavy metal contamination with safe, reliable, and accessible treatment options. Their commitment to improving lives and addressing this growing global concern positions them as a game-changer in the biotechnology industry.


Captura Biopharma, an emerging biotechnology company based in Little Rock, Arkansas, is spearheading the development and commercialization of heavy metal chelators. With their lead candidate, C2E2, they are on the verge of introducing the world’s first oral treatment for internal radiation contamination, revolutionizing the way heavy metal poisoning is treated. Through their scientific advancements and commitment to improving lives, Captura Biopharma is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the global healthcare landscape.



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