Startup Showcase: Cellares Revolutionizes Cell Therapy Manufacturing with the Cell Shuttle

Automating the Future of Cell Therapy Manufacturing for Wider Patient Access
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Welcome to the Startup Showcase, where we bring you the most innovative and groundbreaking companies in the tech world. In this edition, we present Cellares, a life sciences technology company that is revolutionizing cell therapy manufacturing with its groundbreaking automation solution, the Cell Shuttle. Join us as we explore how Cellares is overcoming the challenges associated with cell therapy manufacturing, making these life-saving therapies more affordable and widely accessible to patients in need.

The Challenges of Cell

Therapy Manufacturing Cell therapy has shown tremendous promise in treating various diseases, particularly cancer. However, the manufacturing process for these therapies poses significant challenges. The current approach involves producing therapies for individual patients, making it expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to scale. As a result, critically ill patients are left waiting for treatment and desperately seeking hope.

Introducing the Cell Shuttle:

Automating Cell Therapy Manufacturing Recognizing the need for a more efficient and scalable solution, Cellares has developed the Cell Shuttle—an automated and closed end-to-end manufacturing platform specifically designed for cell therapy. The Cell Shuttle enables customers to run precise processes tailored to their specific cell therapy requirements.With next-generation automation technology, the Cell Shuttle offers unparalleled benefits. It boasts ten times the scalability of manual manufacturing processes, meaning that ten times more patient doses can be produced simultaneously. This increased efficiency significantly reduces the time and resources required for manufacturing, allowing more patients to receive timely treatments.

Advantages of the Cell Shuttle

The Cell Shuttle offers a range of advantages over traditional manufacturing methods for cell therapy. Its cutting-edge automation technology ensures a three-fold reduction in process failure rates, minimizing the risk of compromising the therapy’s efficacy or patient safety. Additionally, the Cell Shuttle’s innovative design and flexibility empower scientists and manufacturers to quickly adapt their manufacturing processes while maintaining the highest quality standards.Moreover, the Cell Shuttle brings economic benefits to the field of cell therapy. By optimizing the manufacturing process, it reduces the per-patient manufacturing cost by up to 70 percent for most processes. This cost reduction is a game-changer, making cell therapy more affordable and potentially accessible to a larger patient population.


Cellares is transforming the landscape of cell therapy manufacturing with its groundbreaking solution, the Cell Shuttle. By addressing the limitations and challenges associated with manual manufacturing processes, Cellares is paving the way for more affordable and accessible cell therapies. The future looks promising for patients in need of these life-saving treatments.



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