Startup Showcase: Eradani Inc – Revolutionizing Legacy Application Modernization Solutions

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Welcome to Startup Showcase, where we bring you the most innovative companies in the tech industry. In this edition, we present Eradani Inc, a rising star in the software industry, specializing in legacy application modernization solutions. With a focus on the IBM i platform, Eradani offers advanced software tools that seamlessly connect open source technologies and the newest programming languages to legacy systems. Join us as we delve into how Eradani is revolutionizing the future of legacy application modernization.

Unleashing the Potential of Legacy Systems

In an era driven by digital transformation, companies around the world are faced with the challenge of modernizing their legacy systems to remain competitive. Eradani Inc, based in Berkeley, California, has recognized this pressing need and is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between traditional applications and modern technologies. With an experienced and proven executive team, Eradani is at the forefront of the rapidly growing market for legacy application modernization.

Connecting the Past with the Future

Eradani’s target platform, the IBM i, is an integral part of tens of thousands of companies globally, including Fortune 500 giants and numerous small- to medium-sized businesses. These organizations depend on the IBM i for their critical business operations. However, to keep pace with evolving market demands, they must modernize their applications. Eradani steps in with the most advanced software tools available, facilitating the integration of open source and cutting-edge programming languages into legacy IBM i systems.

Enabling Seamless Integration

With Eradani’s software tools, enterprises running the IBM i platform can create web services that provide easy access to native functions and data. This empowers businesses to integrate applications across their enterprise seamlessly. By bridging the gap between legacy and modern systems, Eradani paves the way for enhanced collaboration and streamlined workflows, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Revolutionizing User Experiences

Building on the foundation of the IBM i, Eradani enables organizations to develop leading-edge user experiences for their applications. Through the company’s tools, businesses can connect modern user interfaces to their existing core applications. This transformation enhances the usability and accessibility of legacy systems, improving user satisfaction and driving overall digital transformation initiatives.

Embracing Innovation

Eradani empowers IBM i users to leverage the vast array of open source components available in the market. By connecting the IBM i with the world of open source technologies, businesses can expand the capabilities of their applications exponentially. This integration unlocks new possibilities for innovation, enabling organizations to stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

Seizing the Future

In addition to bridging the gap between legacy and modern technologies, Eradani ensures that businesses can connect with applications from their customers, partners, and members of their supply chain. The company’s software tools facilitate seamless integration, ensuring smooth and efficient communication between different stakeholders.


Eradani Inc is leading the charge in the legacy application modernization space, revolutionizing the way businesses leverage the power of the IBM i platform. With their advanced software tools, Eradani is empowering organizations to seamlessly integrate open source technologies, build exceptional user experiences, and embrace innovation.


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