Startup Showcase: HELPFUL Revolutionizes Payments with Sustainable Digital Wallets

Making Payments Green, Secure, and Fast for a Sustainable Future
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In today’s digital era, where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, one innovative startup is making waves in the payments industry. HELPFUL, based in London, England, is disrupting the traditional payment model with its revolutionary sustainable digital wallets. By providing businesses with green, secure, and fast payment solutions, HELPFUL is driving the transition to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious financial landscape. In this startup showcase, we explore how HELPFUL is revolutionizing payments while supporting businesses on their journey to net-zero.

Sustainable Digital Wallets: A Green Path to Secure Transactions

Traditional payment systems often come at a significant environmental cost. From paper receipts to energy-intensive processes, the payment industry has a substantial carbon footprint. HELPFUL aims to change that by introducing sustainable digital wallets. These wallets utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure that every transaction made is environmentally friendly. By producing significantly less CO2 compared to traditional payment methods, HELPFUL’s digital wallets help businesses reduce their carbon emissions while securing their transactions.

Empowering Businesses on Their Path to Net-Zero

HELPFUL’s sustainable digital wallets are not just environmentally friendly; they also empower businesses to embrace sustainability and work towards achieving their net-zero goals. By incorporating HELPFUL’s wallets at their checkout, businesses can make a tangible impact on their environmental footprint. Through streamlined and instant settlements, businesses can optimize their operations, improve cash flow, and support a sustainable future.

The Rise of Open Banking Direct Payments

According to industry reports, open banking direct payments are predicted to account for 75% of all payment transactions by 2026, with an estimated value of $116 billion. HELPFUL is at the forefront of this payment revolution, providing businesses with the technology and infrastructure necessary to harness the potential of open banking direct payments. With HELPFUL’s sustainable digital wallets, businesses can seamlessly adapt to this rapidly evolving landscape, offering their customers a secure and efficient payment experience.

Driving Change with Global Implementations

HELPFUL’s technology is already making a significant impact, with businesses, retailers, and even governments embracing their sustainable digital wallets. Collaborating with companies across various sectors, HELPFUL is leading the charge towards a greener and more sustainable payment ecosystem. Notably, HELPFUL’s technology has been successfully implemented with businesses, retailers, and the Scottish government, further validating its potential to reshape the payments industry.With HELPFUL’s sustainable digital wallets, businesses can not only reduce their environmental impact but also enhance their brand reputation by aligning with sustainability initiatives. By choosing HELPFUL, businesses become catalysts for change, contributing to a more sustainable future while improving their own operations.





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