Startup Showcase: Hipla Technologies

Harnessing IT Solutions for a Safer and More Productive Future
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Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we highlight innovative companies at the forefront of technology and entrepreneurship. In this edition, we present Hipla Technologies, an IT solution company based in Krishnapur, West Bengal, India. Hipla Technologies is revolutionizing the way businesses achieve safety, efficiency, and seamless interactions in the digital age. Join us as we delve into their cutting-edge solutions and explore how they are making a significant impact on various industries.

Redefining Safety and Security with Hipla Mobile

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and visitors is of utmost importance. Hipla Technologies introduces Hipla Mobile, a groundbreaking solution that streamlines the process flow while prioritizing safety. With Hipla Mobile, anyone can create a safe and frictionless environment by enabling guests and employees to sign in digitally, reducing the spread of germs and keeping teams secure and healthy. This innovative mobile app integrates seamlessly with existing systems, providing real-time insights and alerts for enhanced safety measures. – Transforming Contract Tracing

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for efficient contact tracing solutions. Hipla Technologies responded to this challenge with, a cutting-edge platform that automates contact tracing and leverages an organization’s surveillance footage. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision, identifies individuals who may have come into close contact with an infected person and provides vital information to mitigate risks swiftly. This proactive approach empowers organizations to take immediate action, reducing the spread of infectious diseases and ensuring a safer work environment.

Proactive Risk Mitigation with AI and Computer Vision

Large work environments pose unique challenges when it comes to maintaining safe-distancing protocols. Hipla Technologies addresses this issue with its advanced AI-powered technology. By utilizing computer vision and artificial intelligence, Hipla’s innovative solution alerts individuals when they are about to breach safe-distancing guidelines. This real-time notification system allows employees to take immediate preventive measures, avoiding potential contamination and infection risks. Through this proactive approach, Hipla Technologies is reshaping workplace safety and fostering a culture of well-being.


Hipla Technologies is leading the way in revolutionizing safety, efficiency, and seamless interactions through their innovative IT solutions. By offering Hipla Mobile for streamlined sign-ins and for automated contact tracing, they empower organizations to create secure work environments while minimizing the spread of infectious diseases. With their cutting-edge technologies driven by artificial intelligence and computer vision, Hipla Technologies is at the forefront of proactive risk mitigation in large work environments.





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