Startup Showcase: Keyless Revolutionizes Authentication with Zero-Knowledge Biometrics

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London-based deeptech cybersecurity company Keyless is on a mission to change the way businesses authenticate their employees and customers. By developing a privacy-preserving biometric authentication and personal identity management platform, Keyless is paving the way for passwordless authentication that eliminates fraud, phishing, and credential reuse while enhancing customer and employee experiences.

With the Keyless Platform, businesses can adopt zero-trust security, ensure privacy compliance, and deliver unified authentication experiences across every touchpoint with just a look. Here’s a closer look at how Keyless is changing the authentication game:

The Problem with Passwords

Passwords have been the primary means of authentication for decades. But as businesses have grown increasingly reliant on cloud-based services and remote work, passwords have become a liability. They are easily hacked, stolen, or forgotten, leading to data breaches and security risks.

Moreover, passwords are inconvenient for users. They must remember multiple passwords, use complex and lengthy passwords that are hard to remember, and frequently change them, causing frustration and fatigue. This is where Keyless comes in.

Zero-Knowledge Biometrics: The Keyless Solution

Keyless offers a passwordless, zero-trust solution that eliminates the need for passwords and enhances security while improving user experience. Its zero-knowledge biometric (ZKB) technology allows users to authenticate themselves using their biometric data, such as facial recognition, without transmitting or storing that data.

In other words, Keyless does not collect or store users’ biometric data, nor does it require the user to upload a photo of their face or fingerprint. Instead, Keyless extracts unique features from the biometric data and converts them into a mathematical representation called a template. This template is encrypted and stored securely on the user’s device, not in the cloud.

When the user needs to authenticate themselves, Keyless compares the template with a newly generated one to ensure a match, and the authentication process is complete. Since no biometric data is transmitted or stored, it cannot be hacked or stolen, making it a highly secure solution for businesses.

Benefits of Keyless Authentication

The benefits of Keyless authentication go beyond security. By eliminating passwords, Keyless streamlines the authentication process, reducing user friction and enhancing user experience. It also enables businesses to comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, as it does not collect or store any personal data.

Moreover, Keyless authentication can be used across multiple touchpoints, including mobile devices, web applications, and physical access control, making it a unified authentication solution that delivers a seamless user experience across the board.

Keyless: The Future of Authentication

Keyless is revolutionizing authentication with its zero-knowledge biometric technology. Its platform provides a secure, passwordless authentication solution that enhances user experience, streamlines authentication processes, and ensures privacy compliance. With Keyless, businesses can finally adopt zero-trust security and eliminate passwords, while delivering a unified authentication experience across every touchpoint.





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