Startup Showcase: Loam Bio – Using Microbes to Revolutionize Agriculture and Fight Climate Change

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Loam Bio is a startup that is leading the way in agricultural innovation by using microbes to enhance the carbon cycle. Founded in 2019 by Guy Hudson in Orange, New South Wales, Loam Bio has been working tirelessly to develop microbial carbon sequestration technology that can help restore soil carbon levels, improve crop health and fertility, and fight climate change.

With the global population projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, there is an urgent need to develop sustainable agricultural practices that can increase food production while also minimizing the environmental impact. One of the biggest challenges facing agriculture is soil degradation, which can lead to reduced crop yields, loss of biodiversity, and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

However, Loam Bio’s groundbreaking technology is helping to address this problem by harnessing the power of microbes to build organic carbon in the soil. By inoculating crops with symbiotic microorganisms, Loam Bio is helping farmers improve the health and fertility of their crops while also increasing the soil’s ability to store carbon. This, in turn, can help to mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Loam Bio’s technology has the potential to revolutionize agriculture and transform the way we think about soil health and carbon sequestration. Here are some of the key features of their technology:

Microbial Carbon Sequestration Technology

Loam Bio’s technology is based on the principle of microbial carbon sequestration, which involves using microorganisms to capture and store carbon in the soil. The company has developed a range of microbial products that can be applied to crops to enhance the carbon sequestration process.

Symbiotic Microorganisms

Loam Bio’s products contain a range of symbiotic microorganisms that live in a mutualistic relationship with crops. These microorganisms help to build organic carbon in the soil by breaking down plant material and converting it into stable soil organic matter.

Improved Crop Health and Fertility

In addition to enhancing carbon sequestration, Loam Bio’s products also help to improve crop health and fertility. By increasing the availability of nutrients in the soil, these products can help crops to grow more vigorously and resist disease and pest attacks.

Loam Bio’s technology has already been tested in the field with promising results. The company has partnered with farmers across Australia to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products in improving crop yields and soil health. They have also been recognized for their innovative approach to sustainable agriculture, winning several awards and grants from organizations such as the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Innovation Fund.


Loam Bio is a startup that is making a significant contribution to the fight against climate change by using microbes to enhance the carbon cycle. Their technology has the potential to transform agriculture and create a more sustainable future for us all.





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