Startup Showcase: Maji – Building a Financially Secure Future for Everyone

Revolutionizing Financial Wellbeing and Money Management
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Startup Showcase: Maji is the complete financial wellbeing and money management platform that is revolutionizing the way individuals, employers, and pension providers approach financial security. With a mission to build a financially secure future for everyone, Maji offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services that empower individuals to take control of their finances and make informed decisions. Through personalized education, coaching, and advice, Maji transforms the financial landscape, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Empowering Financial Wellbeing

In a world where financial worries are prevalent, Maji stands out as a beacon of hope. The platform’s powerful diagnostics delve into users’ financial challenges, goals, and opportunities, providing a holistic understanding of their financial situation. By leveraging this valuable information, Maji delivers personalized education and coaching tailored to each user’s needs, enabling them to actively reduce money worries and pave the way towards a better financial future.

Transforming the Workplace

Maji doesn’t stop at individual users; it extends its impact to the workplace. For employers, Maji offers a unique opportunity to track, benchmark, and improve the financial wellbeing of their employees. By gaining insights into employees’ financial challenges, employers can shape their benefit and wellbeing strategies accordingly. Maji utilizes the latest advancements in behavioral science to drive uptake of existing employee benefits, ensuring that each employee is connected to the most relevant options. Additionally, Maji provides specific coaching to help employees engage with their pension plans and take advantage of salary sacrifice opportunities, thereby strengthening their long-term financial security.

Revitalizing Pension Engagement

Pension providers face the challenge of low member engagement, which can hinder individuals’ retirement savings. Maji addresses this issue head-on by increasing member engagement through its market-leading education and coaching solutions. By encouraging members to save at recommended rates and empowering them to consolidate their pensions, Maji fosters a culture of proactive retirement planning. The platform equips pension providers with richer data and delivers more informed members, resulting in enhanced financial outcomes and greater overall prosperity for retirees.

Join the Maji Movement

Maji’s groundbreaking approach to financial wellbeing and money management has garnered attention and accolades from individuals, employers, and pension providers alike. By focusing on education, behavior change, and personalized guidance, Maji is transforming the way people think about and manage their finances. Whether you’re an individual seeking to take control of your financial future or an employer or pension provider aiming to enhance the financial wellbeing of your stakeholders, Maji is the go-to platform that will revolutionize your approach to financial security.



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