Startup Showcase: Inc – Revolutionizing AI Infrastructure for Non-Hyperscale CSPs

Empowering businesses with a full-stack AI Cloud and infrastructure-agnostic MLOps solution
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Welcome to the Startup Showcase, where we highlight cutting-edge companies that are shaping the future of technology. In this edition, we present Inc, a San Francisco-based startup revolutionizing the world of AI infrastructure. provides a comprehensive AI Cloud solution for non-hyperscale CSPs and an infrastructure-agnostic MLOps solution for enterprises, making it easier than ever to harness the power of artificial intelligence.

State-of-the-Art AI Solutions for Real-World Challenges

At the forefront of machine learning and deep learning technologies, Inc is dedicated to solving real-world problems for businesses and science. Their expertise in AI core technologies has earned them recognition as a Gartner Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies in 2019. With a team of seasoned professionals and strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as NVIDIA, AWS, GCP, and Microsoft, is well-positioned to drive innovation in the field of AI. MLOps Platform – Streamlining ML/DL Application Development Central to’s product lineup is the MLOps

Platform, a complete solution for managing the entire lifecycle of ML/DL application development and deployment. This platform empowers data scientists and developers by providing a seamless workflow that encompasses data preparation, model training, deployment, and monitoring. Whether deployed on public, hybrid, or on-premise clouds, the MLOps Platform ensures maximum efficiency and reliability.AI Infrastructure for Non-Hyperscale CSPs and Enterprise Inc recognizes that not all organizations have access to hyperscale cloud infrastructures. To bridge this gap, they offer a full-stack AI Cloud solution tailored specifically for non-hyperscale CSPs. By democratizing AI infrastructure, enables businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of AI for enhanced productivity and competitive advantage. Furthermore, provides an infrastructure-agnostic MLOps solution for enterprises. This means that regardless of the cloud provider or on-premise setup an organization chooses, the MLOps Platform seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, allowing for a flexible and scalable AI deployment.

Conclusion: Inc is leading the charge in democratizing AI infrastructure and empowering businesses to harness the power of artificial intelligence. With their state-of-the-art solutions and commitment to innovation, they are driving the adoption of AI across industries. By providing a full-stack AI Cloud solution for non-hyperscale CSPs and an infrastructure-agnostic MLOps solution for enterprises, is revolutionizing the way organizations develop, deploy, and manage AI applications.





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