Startup Showcase: RYLTI

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Revolutionizing Music Royalty Data Matching with Cognitive-AI Technology

In the vast landscape of the music industry, one company stands out as a pioneer in revolutionizing royalty data matching. RYLTI, a music-tech innovator based in Woodbury, New York, is transforming the way the entertainment industry handles royalty data with its groundbreaking solutions. Powered by cognitive-AI ontology, biomimetics, machine learning, and cloud computing, RYLTI provides unmatched accuracy, speed, and scalability. This startup showcase explores how RYLTI is empowering the music industry with its innovative approach to enhancing, correcting, sharing, and tracking royalty data.

The Visionaries Behind RYLTI

RYLTI was founded by a team of music industry experts, award-winning data scientists, technologists, and financial systems architects who recognized the need for a transformative solution in the field of music royalties. With their combined expertise, RYLTI has developed cutting-edge technology that surpasses traditional methods of processing royalty data. By leveraging advanced technologies and their deep understanding of the music ecosystem, RYLTI is setting a new standard in the industry.

Revolutionizing Royalty Data Matching with R1 Solutions

At the heart of RYLTI’s offering lies their flagship product, the R1 data matching solution. R1 employs a unique combination of cognitive-AI ontology and machine learning algorithms to process music royalty data with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. This innovative technology enables RYLTI to handle vast volumes of data while maintaining precise matching capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for metadata tracking and management.

Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy Across the Music Ecosystem

RYLTI’s R1 solutions have broad applications throughout the music industry. By automating the process of metadata tracking and management, RYLTI helps artists, record labels, publishers, and distributors streamline their operations, saving valuable time and resources. The accuracy of R1’s data matching ensures that artists receive the royalties they deserve, while also providing transparency and accountability within the ecosystem.

Unleashing the Power of Cognitive-AI and Biomimetics

One of RYLTI’s key differentiators is its utilization of cognitive-AI ontology and biomimetics. This powerful combination allows R1 to learn and adapt, mimicking the human cognitive process to identify patterns and make intelligent connections within complex music royalty data. By leveraging biomimetics, RYLTI has created an innovative solution that continuously evolves, delivering unprecedented results to its clients.


RYLTI is at the forefront of music-tech innovation, providing the entertainment industry with groundbreaking royalty data matching solutions. With their R1 technology, RYLTI empowers artists, labels, publishers, and distributors to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of their operations. By harnessing the power of cognitive-AI ontology, biomimetics, and machine learning, RYLTI sets a new standard for processing music royalty data.



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