Startup Showcase: – Revolutionizing B2B E-commerce for Groceries and Consumer Goods

Connecting Small Retailers with Brands and Wholesalers on a Centralized Platform
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As the world rapidly shifts towards e-commerce, is carving out a unique space for itself by providing B2B solutions for groceries and consumer goods in Vietnam. The platform has been designed to bridge the gap between small retailers and brands/wholesalers by creating a centralized marketplace that offers more choice, better pricing, and more efficient logistics through economies of scale. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore how is revolutionizing B2B e-commerce and the impact it’s having on the traditional retail industry.

Background and Mission was founded in 2019 by SyPhong Bui, a serial entrepreneur with a passion for transforming traditional industries through technology. Bui’s vision for was to create a platform that could help small retailers compete with larger players by providing access to a wider range of products and more efficient logistics. At the same time, aims to help brands and wholesalers reach a wider audience and streamline their distribution channels.

Connecting Small Retailers with Brands and Wholesalers

One of the biggest challenges faced by small retailers in Vietnam is the lack of access to a wide range of products and suppliers. This is where comes in – the platform offers a centralized marketplace where small retailers can browse and order products from a range of brands and wholesalers. By consolidating orders from multiple retailers, is able to negotiate better pricing and provide more efficient logistics, resulting in cost savings for both retailers and suppliers.

Streamlined Ordering and Delivery

Traditionally, small retailers in Vietnam have had to order products from multiple suppliers, resulting in a complex and time-consuming ordering process. simplifies this process by providing a single platform where retailers can place orders with multiple suppliers at once. The platform also offers a range of delivery options, including same-day and next-day delivery, making it easier for retailers to manage their inventory and meet the needs of their customers.

Better Customer Insights provides retailers with access to a range of data and analytics that can help them make more informed decisions about their inventory and pricing. By analyzing sales data and customer behavior, retailers can identify trends and make adjustments to their product offerings and pricing strategies. This level of insight is typically only available to larger retailers, making a valuable resource for smaller players in the market.


In just a few years, has made a significant impact on the traditional retail industry in Vietnam. By providing a centralized marketplace for B2B e-commerce, the platform has helped small retailers compete with larger players and enabled brands and wholesalers to reach a wider audience. As e-commerce continues to grow in Vietnam, is well-positioned to continue its rapid expansion and help drive the transformation of the retail industry.




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