Startup Showcase: Theia – LATAM’s First Personalized O2O Healthcare Service for Moms

Revolutionizing maternal healthcare through technology and personalized care
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As a mother, navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming, especially during pregnancy and early childhood. Theia, a São Paulo-based startup, is transforming the maternal healthcare experience with its personalized O2O (online-to-offline) healthcare service. With a network of vetted doctors and specialists, Theia provides comprehensive care for women before, during, and after pregnancy, making it LATAM’s first personalized O2O healthcare service built by and for moms.

Theia’s Innovative Approach to Maternal Healthcare

Theia’s mission is to provide women with a complete health team for remote and in-person consultations, as well as hyper-personalized and trustworthy content from preconception to early childhood. Theia’s care team comprises passionate and qualified professionals who respect each woman’s desires and provide comprehensive and personal care at every stage of her journey.

Personalized Care for Moms

Theia provides moms with customized healthcare services, including preconception counseling, prenatal care, childbirth, and postpartum support. Theia’s care team is dedicated to providing holistic care to mothers, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. With Theia, mothers can rest assured that they have access to the best possible care throughout their journey.

Technology-Driven Approach

Theia leverages technology to provide moms with the best possible care, including remote consultations with care providers, virtual check-ins, and personalized health monitoring. With Theia, mothers can access a comprehensive and integrated health platform that streamlines the healthcare experience and connects them with the right care providers.

A Passionate and Qualified Care Team

Theia’s care team comprises passionate and qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing comprehensive and personal care to each woman. With Theia, moms can access a team of doctors, specialists, and health coaches who will work together to ensure the best possible health outcomes for both mother and baby.


Theia is revolutionizing maternal healthcare through its innovative approach to personalized care and technology-driven solutions. With a dedicated and qualified care team, Theia is providing women with the support they need before, during, and after pregnancy. As LATAM’s first personalized O2O healthcare service built by and for moms, Theia is transforming the healthcare experience for mothers across the region.




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