Startup Showcase: Toolbox – The Modern Financial Operating System for Construction Contractors

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As the construction industry grows, so does the need for contractors to manage their finances more effectively. Toolbox, based in New York, provides a modern financial operating system for construction, maintenance, and repair contractors, helping them to thrive in their businesses. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore how Toolbox is revolutionizing the construction industry and helping contractors save time and money.

The Financial Operating System for Construction Contractors

Toolbox is a modern financial operating system designed specifically for construction, maintenance, and repair contractors. The company’s mission is to help contractors grow their businesses by providing them with a simple, yet powerful financial management platform. Toolbox’s software allows contractors to manage their finances, make payments, issue new cards for themselves and their team members, and organize expenses based on current and completed projects.

Best-in-class Corporate Charge Card

One of the most impressive features of Toolbox’s platform is its best-in-class corporate charge card. This construction-focused charge card enables contractors to facilitate mission-critical payments, including materials and equipment purchases. It simplifies the payment process for contractors, who can use the card to make purchases at any time, with detailed transaction data to track expenses.

The charge card also enables contractors to set limits for employees and subcontractors, ensuring that they stay within budget and avoid overspending. The card’s integration with the financial management app means that contractors can manage and track all payments and expenses in one place.

Financial Management App

In addition to the charge card, Toolbox provides contractors with an app to manage their finances. The app is available on iOS and Android and enables contractors to manage expenses, issue new cards, and track transactions from anywhere. The app also helps contractors organize expenses based on current and completed projects, making it easier to manage and track spending.

The app is easy to use, with a simple interface that contractors can access on-the-go. The app’s integration with the charge card means that contractors can make payments, manage expenses, and track transactions all in one place.

Investor Support

Toolbox is backed by reputable investors, including Y Combinator,, Kickstart Seed Fund, J Ventures, FJ Labs, and Liquid2Ventures. This support reflects the potential of Toolbox’s platform to revolutionize financial management for construction contractors.


Toolbox is transforming financial management for construction contractors, providing them with a modern financial operating system to grow their businesses. The best-in-class corporate charge card, financial management app, and investor support make Toolbox a promising startup in the construction industry. By simplifying financial management for contractors, Toolbox is enabling them to focus on what they do best – building and maintaining the infrastructure that we all rely on.

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