Startup Showcase: Transine Therapeutics – Revolutionizing Gene Therapy with SINEUPs®

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Transine Therapeutics is a biotech startup based in Cambridge, UK, that is set to change the way we approach gene therapy with its innovative SINEUPs® platform. SINEUPs® are a novel class of therapeutic RNAs that can upregulate protein expression in a highly controlled and specific manner, providing an entirely new mechanism of action for the treatment of currently hard-to-treat diseases. With a particular focus on CNS and ophthalmologic disorders, Transine Therapeutics is poised to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry.

Unprecedented Precision with SINEUPs®

One of the major challenges of gene therapy has been achieving precise control over gene expression. Traditional gene therapies involve introducing new genes into the body to replace or supplement the patient’s own faulty genes. However, this approach lacks the ability to control the expression of the introduced genes, which can lead to unintended side effects or even dangerous outcomes. Transine Therapeutics has overcome this limitation with its SINEUPs® platform. SINEUPs® are short RNA molecules that can bind to specific regions of target messenger RNA (mRNA) and increase the translation of the associated protein. By specifically targeting and upregulating the expression of disease-associated proteins, SINEUPs® can provide highly controlled and specific therapeutic benefits with minimal off-target effects.

The potential of SINEUPs® extends beyond traditional gene therapies, as they can expand the druggable proteome and enable the treatment of previously untreatable diseases. With applications in multiple therapy areas, including CNS and ophthalmologic disorders, Transine Therapeutics is poised to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry.

Fostering Innovation in Gene Therapy

Transine Therapeutics is not just focused on developing innovative therapies; the company is also committed to fostering innovation in the gene therapy space. The company actively collaborates with academic institutions, research organizations, and industry partners to drive scientific discovery and advance the field of gene therapy.

In addition, Transine Therapeutics has been recognized for its innovative work, receiving several grants and awards to support its research and development efforts. The company has been awarded the prestigious SME Instrument Phase 2 grant from the European Commission, which provides funding to support the development of breakthrough technologies with significant societal impact.

Making an Impact in Healthcare

Transine Therapeutics is a prime example of a startup that is poised to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry. With its innovative SINEUPs® platform, the company is set to revolutionize the way we approach gene therapy and provide new hope for patients suffering from currently hard-to-treat diseases.




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