Startup Showcase: Wapi Pay

Revolutionizing Cross-Border Commerce with Affordable Payments
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Connecting Africa and Asia through Secure Financial Solutions

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest in cutting-edge startups. In this startup showcase, we present Wapi Pay, a Singapore-based company that is transforming the way payments and cross-border commerce are conducted between Africa and Asia. As the first and leading secure Africa-Asia financial solution, Wapi Pay is revolutionizing the industry with its faster, more affordable, and secure payment platform. Join us as we dive into the innovative world of Wapi Pay and explore how it is bridging the gap between two continents.

Bridging Continents, Transforming Payments

With the increasing demand for Africa’s agricultural and natural products in Asia, Wapi Pay saw an opportunity to facilitate seamless financial transactions between the two regions. Wapi Pay’s platform allows customers to fund payments for Asian manufacturing products by utilizing Africa’s products and services, all through mobile and banking infrastructure. By leveraging advanced technology and a robust infrastructure, Wapi Pay is transforming the way cross-border payments are made.

Secure and Cost-Effective Solutions

Wapi Pay understands the importance of security and affordability in the financial industry. Unlike traditional methods such as Telegraphic Transfers, Wapi Pay’s platform offers not only faster but also significantly more affordable options for customers. With Wapi Pay, customers have the freedom to choose from various payment and delivery methods, including Bank to Bank, Wallet to Wallet, Bank to Wallet, and Wallet to Bank transfers. This flexibility empowers customers and ensures their funds reach their intended destinations swiftly and securely.

Empowering Businesses, Simplifying Transactions

Wapi Pay caters to a diverse range of customers, from corporate entities to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individuals. For corporate clients, Wapi Pay offers mass payment solutions, streamlining financial transactions and reducing operational complexities. SMEs can benefit from Wapi Pay’s merchant payment options, making it easier for them to conduct cross-border business seamlessly. Additionally, Wapi Pay provides peer-to-peer (P2P) payment capabilities, enabling individuals to transfer funds conveniently and securely.


In a world where globalization is constantly expanding, Wapi Pay stands at the forefront, enabling seamless cross-border transactions between Africa and Asia. With its secure, affordable, and innovative financial solutions, Wapi Pay is revolutionizing the way payments and cross-border commerce are conducted. By leveraging advanced technology and a robust infrastructure, Wapi Pay is empowering businesses and individuals alike, fostering economic growth and collaboration between two continents.





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