Unleashing the Telecommunications Revolution: Exploring Gurgaon’s Thriving Startup Scene

Discover the Pioneering Telecommunications Startups of Gurgaon, Haryana, India
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Gurgaon, located in Haryana, India, has become a hotbed of technological innovation. This article takes you on a journey into the world of telecommunications startups in Gurgaon, where visionary entrepreneurs are reshaping connectivity and revolutionizing the way we communicate. From cloud telephony to infrastructure development, these 15 dynamic companies are driving change in the industry, introducing state-of-the-art solutions and transforming the telecom landscape.

Indus Towers:

Indus Towers is a leading provider of extensive network infrastructure for telecom operators and wireless services, ensuring seamless connectivity across India.

Knowlarity Communications:

Knowlarity Communications offers cloud telephony solutions, empowering operators to streamline communication processes and enhance customer service through online platforms.

Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited (HFCL)

HFCL specializes in manufacturing telecommunication equipment, contributing to the industry’s growth by providing cutting-edge solutions and products.

GX Group:

GX Group is a global provider of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) systems, delivering high-speed broadband solutions for residential and business users worldwide.


I-MADE, in collaboration with the Government of India’s Department of Telecommunications, is revolutionizing education by digitizing the learning experience through innovative mobile apps.

Mahindra Comviva:

Mahindra Comviva is a global leader in mobility solutions, offering comprehensive services to the financial services and telecommunications sectors worldwide.


Acision specializes in mobile communications network infrastructure, focusing on messaging and charging systems to deliver seamless communication experiences.

Digivive Services Pvt. Ltd.:

Digivive Services Pvt. Ltd. serves as a white-label OTT service provider, offering innovative B2B solutions in information technology, mobile, and telecommunications domains.

ATC Telecom Infrastructure:

ATC Telecom Infrastructure is dedicated to transforming the telecommunications sector through innovative communication infrastructure solutions.

Viom Networks:

Viom Networks operates and manages telecommunication towers for telecom service providers, playing a crucial role in India’s connectivity.

Tapp Me:

Tapp Me provides access to certified service providers through a mobile app, website, and phone-based ecosystem, revolutionizing home services.

MTS India:

MTS India offers a range of telecommunications services, including wireless voice, broadband internet, messaging, and data services.


Eltek is a global leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion, focusing on telecom and industrial applications.

Shyam Spectra:

Shyam Spectra delivers optical fiber network services to businesses and individuals, ensuring reliable and high-speed connectivity.


Aircel is one of India’s fastest-growing GSM mobile service providers, offering internet, mobile, and telecommunications solutions.


Gurgaon’s telecommunications startup ecosystem is brimming with innovation and disruption. These 15 companies are reshaping the industry, from infrastructure development to cloud telephony and digitized education. As they continue to push the boundaries of connectivity, Gurgaon remains at the forefront of India’s telecommunications revolution, offering exciting opportunities for growth and transformation in the sector.

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