Unveiling the Vibrant Tech Landscape: 15 Exciting Consumer Electronics Startups in Brooklyn

Exploring Brooklyn's Innovation Hub
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Brooklyn, New York, is not only a thriving cultural and artistic hub but also home to a burgeoning tech scene. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 exciting consumer electronics startups that are making waves in Brooklyn. From revolutionizing mobile connectivity to redefining digital content, these companies are at the forefront of innovation. Let’s dive in and explore the vibrant tech landscape of Brooklyn.

goTenna: Advancing Universal Connectivity

GoTenna is on a mission to advance universal access to connectivity. They are building intelligent and scalable mobile mesh networks that empower users to stay connected even in areas with limited or no cellular service.

Lynq Technologies: Fail-Safe Communication Network

Lynq Technologies has developed a fail-safe network that ensures seamless communication even when traditional methods fail. Their consumer electronics and location-based services enable individuals and teams to stay connected and easily locate each other.

Infinite Objects: Tangible Digital Display

Infinite Objects offers consumer display products that transform digital content into tangible art. Their unique blend of blockchain technology, consumer electronics, and e-commerce creates captivating experiences for personal, entertainment, and NFT content.

Waverly Labs: Real-Time Translation Innovation

Waverly Labs specializes in real-time translation through a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Their consumer electronics and wearables break down language barriers, enabling seamless communication between individuals speaking different languages.

Nimble Beauty: Automated Manicures with Precision

Nimble Beauty has developed a machine powered by 3D image processing technologies that offers automated manicures. Their consumer electronics and beauty solutions bring convenience and precision to nail care.

Yank Technologies, Inc.: Pioneering Wireless Power

Yank Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in wireless power solutions, combining hardware, mobility, and industrial automation. Their consumer electronics innovations offer convenient and efficient charging experiences for various devices.

Tidbyt: The Ultimate Lo-Fi Smart Display

Tidbyt introduces a lo-fi smart display that provides a wealth of information, including weather updates, stock data, and transit information. Their consumer electronics enhance the daily lives of users with useful and engaging content.

CLIP: Portable Electric Propulsion for Bicycles

CLIP builds portable electric propulsion devices for bicycles, empowering riders with enhanced mobility. Their consumer electronics innovations make commuting and transportation more efficient and eco-friendly.

Vela Bikes: Redefining the Electric Vehicle Shopping Experience

Vela Bikes is revolutionizing the shopping experience for electric vehicles. With their consumer electronics expertise, they provide a seamless and immersive buying process for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

WearWorks: Haptic Innovations for Enhanced Sensory Experiences

WearWorks is a haptics design company that creates innovative consumer electronics wearables. Their products enhance sensory experiences and provide new ways of interacting with the world.

Aō Air: Breathing Better Air with Wearables

Aō Air is dedicated to providing better air for life. Their cutting-edge wearables leverage clean tech and consumer electronics to improve personal health and well-being.

BRIK Charger: Portable Power Solutions for the Modern Lifestyle

BRIK Charger offers portable power solutions for the modern lifestyle. With a focus on portability, their consumer electronics products ensure users never run out of power on the go.

Intev Technologies: Compact Vaporizer for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Intev Technologies is bringing to market the world’s first credit card-sized vaporizer. Their consumer electronics innovation is set to disrupt the cannabis industry with its compact and convenient design.

Focus: Unlocking Creative Vision with Camera and Optics Supplies

Focus is a leading provider of camera and optics supplies in Brooklyn. Their extensive range of consumer electronics and e-commerce offerings caters to photographers, videographers, and audio enthusiasts, unlocking their creative vision.

Foothold Technology: Advancing Health Care with EHR Solutions

Foothold Technology is a computer software company that specializes in health electronic health record (EHR) software and solutions. Their consumer electronics and information technology innovations streamline health care processes, enhancing efficiency and patient care.z


Brooklyn, New York, is a hotbed of innovation, and these 15 consumer electronics startups represent the diversity and creativity of the tech scene in the area. From connectivity and communication to art, beauty, and health care, these companies are pushing boundaries and reshaping the consumer electronics landscape.

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